Question: Can you crochet around elastic?

If you can crochet into a ring, the same way you do when making granny squares, you can crochet around an elastic band. You can use a pre-made rubber band or ponytail band or you can sew the two ends of a piece of custom-cut elastic together and then crochet around them.

How do you crochet an embroidery hoop?


  1. Create a slip knot on your crochet hook and slip stitch onto the hoop.
  2. Double Crochet (DC) into the hoop. …
  3. DC all around the hoop until the yarn covers the hoop completely.
  4. At the end of the hoop turn your hoop around, Chain (CH) 3 and then Treble Crochet (TR) into every other DC in the row below.

Should you crochet tight or loose?

You don’t want your tension to be too loose, yet you don’t want it to be too tight. You want it to be juust right. When you’re crocheting, you want your yarn to glide through your fingers at a consistent rate. You shouldn’t be straining your yarn or letting it hang loose.

Why is my crochet so loose?

If you’re using a slippery yarn on a slippery hook like plastic, your stitches may be too loose. If your hook is wood or bamboo, has some resistance, and your yarn is more coarse, this can result in stitches that are too tight. So matching the right hook with the right yarn can improve your tension.

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What should a beginner crochet?

22 Quick & Easy Beginner Crochet Patterns

  1. Moss Stitch Crochet Scarf.
  2. 1.5 Hour Beanie Crochet Pattern.
  3. 5-Hour Baby Blanket.
  4. Decorative Crochet Potholders.
  5. Reusable Cotton Balls or Spa Scrubbie.
  6. Quick and Easy Crochet Cowl with Fringe.
  7. Easy Market Tote.
  8. Easy Crochet Hat Pattern.
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