How do you thread an elastic thread on a sewing machine?

Wind the elastic thread on the bobbin until the bobbin is full. (Thread the top of the sewing machine with your regular sewing thread.) Leave a couple inches of tail of the elastic thread, and bring the elastic thread up through the sewing machine throat plate.

How do you use elastic thread on a sewing machine?

How to do shirring on fabric with elastic thread

  1. Wind the bobbin. …
  2. Simple rows of evenly spaced shirring look the most attractive. …
  3. Thread the machine with top thread matching the fabric. …
  4. Insert the bobbin with the elastic thread – Just like you would for regular thread.

Do you need elastic thread to sew elastic?

To sew with elastic thread, you must hand-wind the bobbin. Do this without stretching the elastic thread. Wind the elastic thread on the bobbin until the bobbin is full.

What thread should I use for stretchy fabric?

The most common threads used to sew stretch knit fabrics are textured polyester or textured nylon threads like A&E’s Wildcat® Plus or Best Stretch®. Textured threads are ideal for overedge and coverstitch seams because they offer excellent seam coverage and seam elasticity.

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What kind of thread do you use for elastic?

Elastic thread is used with stretchy fabrics and materials like jersey cotton and elastic. In many cases, a zigzag or stretch stitch with regular thread will provide enough give to work with stretchy materials, but elastic thread can be used for certain cases.

Can you use straight stitch on elastic?

How to sew elastic to fabric. You can stitch elastic straight onto your piece of fabric using a straight or zigzag stitch. When you‘re making a waistband, join the elastic together first to the correct length.

Why is my elastic thread not working?

Troubleshooting: Is your smocking not working? Make sure that your bobbin is not too full of the elastic thread. … Make sure your elastic thread isn’t too tight or too loose on the bobbin. Make sure you didn’t mess with the tension (or any other settings) of your machine while adjusting your stitch length.

How do you sew elastic thread in knitting?

How-To: Elastic Thread

  1. Work in a yarn with lycra to create a tighter fit.
  2. Work a folded band at the top to create a casing. Thread through 1/4-3/8″ sewing elastic.
  3. Work a row of eyelets toward the top and thread through a ribbon or elastic lacing.
  4. Insert clear elastic thread along the top.

Can you sew through elastic?

You can sew lengths of elastic directly to the wrong side of the fabric to shape a garment at wrists, ankles, and waistlines. … Cut it slightly shorter than you need because it stretches during sewing. Sew with a stretch stitch or a zigzag stitch, which will stretch along with the elastic.

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What is the tension for shirring elastic?

Upper Thread Tension:

Start with a middle tension of 4. Increase the tension to create more gathers/stretch, or decrease the tension to reduce the amount gathers/stretch. The elastic thread should lay flat on the backside of the fabric, and the upper thread should hold it securely in place.

Can you hand sew with elastic thread?

You can easily sew elastic into your skirts, shorts, and home wear by hand. You will start by measuring the correct length of elastic required to fit your clothes. You can then sew it directly onto your clothes or create a casing into which you will fit the elastic around for a perfect finish.

Can I use Eloflex thread for shirring?

Can you use Eloflex thread on a sewing machine? Yes, Eloflex is designed to be used as a regular thread on a sewing machine, both in the bobbin and in the needle. Moreover, when using Eloflex you do not have to use special zig-zag stitches normally used for stretch fabric, regular straight stitches are ok.

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