How do you crochet without counting stitches?

Do you have to count when crocheting?

By learning to properly count your stitches. Counting the stitches in the row each time you finish a row will show you if you accidentally skipped or added a stitch somewhere. Most well-written crochet patterns will give a stitch count (number of stitches you should have) for each row or round.

Why is my crochet blanket not straight?

The most obvious, and most common, reason that people fail to crochet straight edges is because they are putting too many or too few stitches into the row. Make sure that you count your stitches as you go and that they always add up to the correct number.

Does first chain count crochet?

You will never work into the first chain from the crochet hook unless your instructions state otherwise. Depending on the stitch, you will work into the second, third, fourth, etc. chain from the crochet hook. The instructions will always state how many chains to skip before starting the first stitch.

Why am I gaining stitches crocheting?

Why do I gain stitches? … If so, you are allowing extra stitches to creep in. The cause could be a fluffy yarn which you are mishooking, breaking the strands into two where you should be crocheting one, or possibly adding one or even two stitches at the beginning or end of your rows.

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Why are my crochet stitches so loose?

If you’re using a slippery yarn on a slippery hook like plastic, your stitches may be too loose. If your hook is wood or bamboo, has some resistance, and your yarn is more coarse, this can result in stitches that are too tight. So matching the right hook with the right yarn can improve your tension.

Why are my crochet stitches increasing?

Your flat crochet is getting bigger or smaller because:

You’re not starting the row in the right place. You’re not ending the row in the right place. You’re skipping stitches along the row somewhere. You’re crocheting two stitches into one space, therefore adding stitches along the row somewhere.

What is the last stitch in a crochet row?

When the Turning Chain Counts as a Stitch

Or one stitch to the right if you are working left-handed. The last stitch of a row goes into the top of the turning chain from the row below. The last stitch of a round goes into the last stitch of the previous round.

Does turning chain count as a stitch?

The turning chain almost always counts as the first stitch of the next row, except for the single crochet.

Why does my crochet circle look like a hexagon?

The perfect crochet circle is evading you for a very simple reason. The repeat pattern places your increase stitches on top of other increases, which actually makes the increases more noticeable. With each round, the increases get edgier and you end up with a hexagon instead of a smooth circular shape.

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