How did the little seamstress change?

In the months after her abortion, the Little Seamstress uses what she learns from Balzac’s novels to transform herself into a stylish city girl: she cuts her hair into a bob, adopts a Chengdu accent, and makes herself a bra.

How does the little seamstress change?

One may also ask, how does the little seamstress change? The narrator develops a personal philosophy because of what he reads, and the Little Chinese Seamstress gains the courage to change her life from Balzac’s work.

What does Luo say he has taught the little seamstress?

Luo says that he taught the Little Seamstress how to swim properly, not like a peasant. … In his own words, Luo continues to express disdain for the peasants, their way of life, and even the young woman he claims to love. However, the diving does force him to recognize the Little Seamstress’s independence to an extent.

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What do Luo and the Little Seamstress have in common?

Luo says he bets he and the Little Seamstress have something in common. She agrees that, if he proves that, she’ll lengthen his trousers for free. He says they both have the second toe longer than the others. They compare, and it is true.

How old is the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Publication history

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress has been translated from the original French. The novel was first published in France in the French language” in 2000, and since then, rights of the book have been sold in nineteen countries.

Who got the Little Seamstress pregnant?

Over the course of her romantic relationship with Luo, he reads her novels by Balzac, which she adores. The Little Seamstress finds out that she’s pregnant with Luo’s child while Luo is away from the mountain, and the narrator arranges for her to have an illegal abortion in Yong Jing.

Why did Luo punch the narrator?

These chapters begin the theme of friendship. The narrator describes Luo as “the best friend I ever had.” Although Luo punched the narrator, it was because he was upset that the narrator saw his father be humiliated, rather than because of something the narrator did.

Why did Luo want to read the book to the Little Seamstress?

By reading Balzac to her, Luo intends to make the Little Seamstress cultured enough to be worthy of his affections, but his education has an unintended effect: she gains the confidence and vision to leave the mountain for good by herself.

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Why does four eyes say he remains friends with the narrator and Luo?

Four-Eyes is generally suspicious of other people and he regularly behaves in ways that are purely self-serving. … Luo and the narrator hear him admit that he only remains friends with Luo so he can someday call on the dentist, Luo’s father, for dental work.

Does the narrator like the Little Seamstress?

The narrator is extremely loyal to his best friend, Luo, who was sent with him to the mountain. … Despite this inspiration, the narrator situates himself as a passive observer to the relationship between Luo and the Little Seamstress (a beautiful village girl with whom the narrator is also in love).

What does Luo say about the seamstress at the end of the chapter?

Luo tells the Little Seamstress that the two of them have something in common, and he asks if she’d like to bet on it. She offers to lengthen Luo’s pants for free if they indeed have something in common.

What does Luo want to do to make the seamstress more refined?

After the boys return Ursule Mirouët, Luo says he could have read it to the Little Seamstress. It would have made her more refined and cultured. This statement shows that the boys are aware of the power of story, even fiction, to make people less ignorant. This is why Mao wants to take away books from the people.

What year does Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress take place?

In 1971, as Mao’s Cultural Revolution swept over China, shutting down universities and banishing “reactionary intellectuals” to the countryside, two teenage boys are sent to live on the remote and unforgiving mountain known as Phoenix in the Sky.

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Why are the narrator and Luo sent to the rural village on Phoenix of the Sky Mountain?

The headman decides to send Luo and the narrator to see a film in Yong Jing, which they must then relate back to the villagers, taking as much time in their retelling as the film itself runs.

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