Can you use Perler beads with smART Pixelator?

Question: Can perler beads be used with this? Answer: No, smART Pixel beads are the only beads that are compatible with the smART Pixelator.

Can you iron smART Pixelator pegs?

smART Pixel Beads are beads that are placed onto a bead tray on top of the smART Pixelator’s screen and the final bead creation can be ironed to create 2D or 3D art. … Both the pegs and beads are perfect to start out with and are suitable for ages 7+.

What size beads for smART Pixelator?

SmART has created their own bead size, which is about 1/3 smaller than Perler, which nobody else makes. This will force you to buy their beads from now on. As another review mentioned, the Pixelator does come with a few starter beads.

Do you iron smART Pixelator sequins?

PROCESS REQUIRES THE USE OF HEATED IRON). 1. When you‘ve completed your bead design, gently remove the tray from the smART Pixelator“. Place on an IRONING BOARD OR ON A TOWEL ON A HEAT-SAFE FLAT SURFACE.

How do you iron smART Pixelator beads?

When you’re finished creating any design, gently remove the tray from the smART Pixelator and place it on a heat-safe surface (i.e., an ironing board). Then cover it with the included ironing paper and iron the beads together until they show through the ironing paper (just like the good ol’ days).

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What type of paper do you use for Perler beads?

Always use parchment paper or ironing paper. You can find parchment paper near the wax paper at a grocery store. You can also buy replacement ironing paper for Perler beads from their website or at an art store that sells Perler beads.

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