Can you use crimp beads on memory wire?

What is the difference between a crimp bead and a crimp tube?

Tubes may do a better job of gripping beading wire because they tend to have a larger interior surface area. Crimp tubes also allow you to use crimping pliers which make your crimps look less like tubes and more like beads that are part of your design. Crimp beads, however, are often more economical than tubes.

How do you keep beads on a wire?

Secure knots with jewelry glue

For extra security, dab a little jewelry glue (such as E6000) into the middle of the knot before pulling it tight. This is especially useful with Stretch Magic beading cord, but this tip also works with beading wire and Nymo beading thread too!

What are the basic steps in using and finishing memory wire?


  1. Cut your memory wire to the desired length using the Memory Wire Shears. …
  2. Grip the wire at the end with your Memory Wire Pliers. …
  3. If you are unable to turn your wrist any further, release the wire. …
  4. When using a memory wire end, simply put a drop of glue at the end of the wire and press the memory wire end onto it.
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What is the best memory wire for bracelets?

Round Memory Wire

  • Memory Wire is one of the easiest stringing materials to use. …
  • Remembrance Memory Wire is stainless steel wire, made into coils, and sized for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. …
  • Steel Memory Wire is a carbon steel wire that has been plated with silver, antique brass color, and gold color.

What is memory wire used for?

Memory wire is a type of steel wire used in jewelry making that keeps its cold-forged shape. This characteristic helps keep wire designs in place after completion, making memory wire an excellent choice for quick and easy projects.

Can you stretch memory wire?

Stretch the wire gently until it is comfortable on your arm and a little easier to work with. This does not mean stretch to finished size. It can be formed after you finish. That is why memory wire is used so much for gifts and pieces you sell, there is no need to know the size.

What is the thinnest memory wire?

Thin memory wire

  • 0.8 mm (20 GA) Memory Wire – 6 cm (2.4 inch) Diameter – Silver or Gold (1 piece of 10 or 50 loops) …
  • 100 Bright Silver Plated THICK Hardened Steel Memory Wire Loops, 18 gauge, 50-55mm, small bracelet or hoop earrings, about 2″ WIR0005.

How do you use bracelet memory wire?

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Use heavy duty side cutters to cut at least three coils of memory wire.
  2. Apply glue to the inside of the end bead and secure onto the end of the memory wire.
  3. Thread your chosen beads onto the memory wire, leaving some room on the end of the wire to allow the beads to move around slightly.
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Why won’t my crimp beads hold?

This is either a result of using a diameter of wire that is too small or stringing your beads too tightly. First, check to make sure that you’re using the largest diameter of wire that will pass comfortably through the beads.

Can you use crimp beads on stretch magic?

Don’t Use Crimp Beads With Elastic Stretch Cord

You can add an extra half knot on top of the surgeon’s knot just in case. Never use crimp beads with elastic. Some people try this, but it never lasts long because metal cuts elastic, and there’s no changing that. A correctly tied knot will last better in the long run.

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