Can quilt batting be pieced together?

Can you join quilt batting?

You can join quilt batting as much as you want because no one will know if your quilt has Franken-batting on the inside (sorry, Halloween is coming). For either method to work, cut the batting edges to be joined as straight as possible. Use a rotary cutter and long ruler if you have them available.

How much larger should batting be than quilt top?

If you start out with a backing that is the same size or just a little bit bigger than the top you don’t leave room to attach it and still quilt the whole quilt. So 3 to 4 inches more on the top and 3 to 4 inches more on the bottom than the quilt top is absolutely necessary just to get it loaded on the machine.

What is the right side of batting?

Your batting is right-side up. If you see little tiny balls of batting, like the little pills that have formed on the sweater you’ve worn every day this week (I know it’s not just me), you’re looking at the “bottom” of your batting.

How do you use a heat press batting?

Simply lay tape over cut edges and slide the iron over the tape without any pressure – “smooth out the tape” with the heat of the iron. The batting tape needs only be applied to one side of the batting. It holds through washings and dry cleanings.

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