Best answer: What is another word for yarn?

What are synonyms for yarn?

synonyms for yarn

  • fleece.
  • thread.
  • wool.
  • twist.
  • cotton fiber.
  • flaxen thread.
  • spun wool.

What is yarn slang?

Completely unrelated to string or twine. It means to have a chat, a discussion, generally very informal. Often had among friends, neighbours, associates. Example: I ran into old Suze down the shops, we had a good yarn, she told me all about how her boys have moved away now.

What is a antonym for yarn?

Antonyms. disarrange nonmetallic unweave dislike untie stay in place wake. suture pile woof metallic floss.

What is the Old English word for yarn?

Yarn is made from fibers, and it comes in many colors. … The Old English root word, gearn, means “spun fibers,” but it comes from the Proto-Indo-European ghere, or “intestine.”

What do you call a bunch of yarn?

Skein. In a skein, the yarn is rolled into a loose, oblong-shaped twist. Pull skeins, wherein the yarn is pulled out of the middle, are most beginner-friendly. Once you find the end, you can cast on and start to knit right away. Skeins are typically measured in yards and meters, and weighed in ounces and grams.

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What does the yarn emoji mean?

Yarn emoji is a ball of Yarn. Yarn is a vital part of knitting and crocheting. Without it, you can’t even knit anything. Yarn can be made of acrylic materials, but the best is made of wool. Use the Yarn emoji with a Ewe emoji to show that you only work with the best quality materials.

What is the meaning of YERN?

(obsolete) Willing, eager, covetous, swift, nimble, earnest. He was yern to go, for nought could he be stayed.

What is the opposite of yawn?

▲ Opposite of that yawns or yawn. narrow. shallow.

How do you use the word yarn?

tell or spin a yarn.

  1. Craft Resources also sells yarn and embroidery floss.
  2. The yarn is woven into a coarse fabric.
  3. I stopped to have a yarn with him.
  4. Mother used to spin her own yarn.
  5. She still spins the yarn and knits sweaters for her family.
  6. She stopped to have a yarn with me.

What does Unna mean in Aboriginal?

Unna: Popular among a number of Aboriginal-language groups, “unna” means “isn’t it?” For example, “That’s your deadly car, unna?”

What is your yarn?

Yarn is a length of fibres. That’s the simplest way to explain it. It is a continuous length of fibres which are interlocked, and it’s used to produce fabrics, as well as in crocheting, knitting, embroidery and ropemaking.

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