Best answer: How do you make yarn wrap tassels?

How do you make a yarn tassel?

How to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn

  1. Wrap yarn around cardboard 20 times.
  2. Thread tapestry needle with 12″ of yarn and tie top of tassel snugly. …
  3. Cut ends of yarn and remove from cardboard.
  4. Thread tapestry needle with 18″ of yarn and wrap around tassel 6–10 times, snugly. …
  5. Trim tassel ends evenly.
  6. Attach to work.

How much yarn do you need to make a tassel?

The amount of yarn you need will depend on the size and thickness that you want to end up with. I needed about 25 feet of yarn for my tassel. Cut the yarn off at the bottom of the piece of cardboard, after your last wrap.

How do you make large tassels out of yarn?

Cut an additional piece of yarn that is approximately 12” to 18” long. Slip this piece of between the wrapped yarn and the cardboard and tie a tight knot. Then slip the yarn off the cardboard, and cut through the bottom loop to create the tassel.

What thread do you use for tassels?

You can make tassels out of any size thread or cord. The traditional tassels you might find on a piece of furniture or pillow use thick silk or polyester cord. The thicker the cord, the faster the tassel-making goes, so a cord like Gudebrod size FFF would be a good choice for a tassel that can be made quickly.

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