Best answer: How do you make beaded tassel earrings?

How do you stop beaded earrings from curling?

Notably, using a softer thread on the fringe is a crucial ingredient to prevent your beaded earrings from curling. For whatever cause, make sure you do not double back through your fringe. Each string should have only one thread strand to keep them as soft and flexible as possible.

What you need for beaded earrings?

Basic Supplies for Making Jewelry and Beading Projects

  1. Wire cutters.
  2. Round-nose pliers.
  3. Flat-nose pliers.
  4. Crimping tool (crimp pliers)
  5. Bead organizer with a variety of glass beads.
  6. Beading cord or thread.
  7. Memory wire.
  8. Big-eye beading needle.

How do you make stacked ombre tassel earrings?

Smooth a bit of craft glue on the end of thread that will have a knot. Make a sewing knot just under the tassel wrap. Trim the loose ends of the floss so they blend into the tassel. Repeat the tassel to make 2 in equal size of each 3 colors of thread.

How do you make bead tassel jewelry?

Beaded Tassel

  1. Using a comfortably long piece of beading thread and a needle, string 1 seed bead and tie a square knot around it, leaving a 2″ tail.
  2. String seed beads to your desired length, then tie a knot around the eye of a wrapped loop you’ve made with a 3″ piece of wire.
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