The Marcella Romano Blog Tour

Today is my and Star’s stop on the Marcella Romano Blog Tour! It had been a while since Fleurine and I had done a blog tour together! When she asked me if I wanted to participate in her latest tour I couldn’t help but say yes! Old habits die hard. Plus, it helped that the fabrics were a little different than my usual palate and I was excited to experiment with something new.


The fabric came from a small Italian fabric shop called Marcella Romano. They have an assortment of fun and unique fabrics and were so gracious to gift these fabrics for the tour.


Truth be told, I don’t gravitate towards bold prints. I did like the simple, but whimsical, look of this Little Flower stretch denim. I thought that it would make a cute pair of shorts and I decided to try a new-to-me pattern company: Pauline Alice Patterns.

DSC_7097Her recent Romero Trousers pattern caught my eye. I love the button pockets and how they’re built in as the closures for the shorts.


I thought the instructions were easy to follow and  everything lined up perfectly. There were a few things that I had to read twice to make sure I understood but I think that was because the instructions were translated from French to English.


I made a size 40 based on my measurements of 29″ and 38.5″ for my waist and hip, respectively. I baste-fit these together and I found them to be pretty tight through the leg. I think this was part of the design but I prefer my shorts to fit a little looser through the quad area. To account for this, I just made the seam allowances smaller as I sewed through the hip and down to the hem allowance.

The rest of the fit was good. I didn’t make any changes to the crotch curve and I’m happy with how they look and feel. I tend to make my crotch curve a little higher than needed sometimes and I think I need to stop doing that and give myself a little more sitting ease.

I construction of these was very satisfying. I liked making the pockets and the button panels and appreciated how well they went together and how easily everything lined up.


For my next pair I think I will redraft the hemline a bit and make it so that they’re straight across the bottom and a little wider. (Although now that I’m looking at these pictures, I think I really like that curved hemline.)  I think that a wider leg is more flattering on my quad than a super tight fitted style.

Sew Mariefleur Marcella Romano Blog Tour

This was a fun project and I can see myself wearing these to some fun girls nights out with some heals, imbibing a refreshing cocktail on a patio somewhere, or for a fun festive pick up at my kid’s school. I do that more than GNO’s and cocktails on patios!

There are a lot of really talented sewists on this blog tour! Be sure to check out all of their incredible looks!




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Heidi – Handmade Frenzy | Nicole – Merritts Makes


Leslie – Threadbear Garments | Star – Well Fibre


Eveline – Frölein Tilia | Dominique – Kreamino



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