The Indigo and Aster Blog Tour

I was excited to be asked to be part of the Indigo and Aster Blog Tour! It’s Bari J’s newest line and it’s just as fun and whimsical and bold and floral as her previous lines!


I picked the Foliage Escape Lapis in the knit and the Radiant Menagerie border print inspired to make a couple things for my daughter. Admittedly, I’m a little overdue on making some things for her. Don’t even get me started on how long it’s been making something for my son!


I decided to make the fun and easy Hey June Racerback knit dress and pair it with a self-drafted apron. The moment I saw that border print I knew it had to be made into an apron for our pie-making this summer!


The ties and the bodice of the apron are from the same print. I played with the direction of the stripes a bit and love how it turned out.


As I mentioned, I drafted this apron and just kinda guessed on the measurements. I’m glad (and surprised) it turned out as well as it did!


These were really fun and easy fabrics to work with and I know my kiddo will be wearing both of these a lot this summer! Be sure to check out the #asterandindigofabrics hashtag for more inspiration on these fabrics!








  1. I love the blue print! Way to go on winging the apron and scoring with something that turned out well. On a side note, I feel like I’ve lost touch with you. I hope all is going well. Maybe we all need to plan another get together! Sewing getaway?


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