The Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven

I have admired the Burnside Bibs since their release and thought many times about making them; for inexplicable reasons I hadn’t gotten around to it until a couple weeks ago when I saw THE inspo picture. You know what I’m talking about, that picture that rolls up onto your screen as you’re thumbing through Instagram that stops you dead in your tracks. That picture that gives you the nudge of confidence to try something new for yourself and outside your typical style comfort zone. It usually helps if that picture is of one of your sewing buddies who you admire already, not just for her sewing and pattern making skills, but just her general mastery of being an amazing human. When I saw Alina’s version I actually said out loud to myself “Alright, that’s it, I’m making them.”


The Burnside Bibs by Sew House Seven are incredible. You should make some….really.  I was so impressed with the drafting and the fit was spot on for me. I didn’t muslin these because I’m reckless but the pattern also included 5/8″ seam allowances so I had a little wiggle room. I did make a few small modifications just on a hunch:

  1. Added 1/2″ to the length of the bib because I have a long torso.
  2. Widened the bib by 1/4″ on each side just for a little more coverage.
  3. I added 2″ to the cropped length.


The construction of the bibs was Easy-ish, and would be upgraded to Easy if I didn’t have to install that invisible zipper. (You only have to do a zipper on View A.) Zippers aren’t that difficult to install, I was just out of practice and I was trying to install an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot. I read a blog post by Lauren Dahl about how to do exactly this and it worked out well! She taught me how to sew jeans with the Birkin Flares I figured she could help me out with a zipper issue.


The construction would’ve been further upgraded to “Easy Peasy” had I not turned those 8 mile long straps with a safety pin. For my next pair I’m going to just fold the fabric and topstitch. That’ll save me a lot of time and a few choice words.


It took me a little longer than my usual expedient five minutes to decide on fabric. It’s a pretty big commitment as it’s so much fabric but I’m so glad I chose this slub tencel denim from Blackbird Fabrics. It’s a dream to wear, sew with, caress, smooth out with your hand while cutting your pieces, rub on your cheek, and any other tactile activity that you deem appropriate. It looks like she’s sold out of the slub texture but has this amazing crosshatch texture in dark wash and charcoal. Seriously, Blackbird Fabrics, take all my money.


I was really debating between this denim color and her navy tencel twill. I ultimately decided on this because I just liked the idea of an ode to the classic denim overalls. Except mine were going to be a beautiful, flowy feminine style in a beautiful, flowy tencel denim. Yep, that’ll do just fine indeed.


I made a Size 6 and I think they fit me exactly as intended. They are very comfortable to wear and they get a lot of compliments….and are easily recognized! A woman came up to me and asked “Are those the bibs?!?!” to which I earnestly replied “Yes they are!! You sew, too?!?!?” She told me she’s just getting into sewing and mentioned how she loves all the indie pattern companies and wondered if I had any pattern suggestions. Oh did I have some suggestions for her. Ha! It’s always so fun running into a new tribeswoman.

You KNOW I mentioned Hey June to this new tribe member which brings me to the tank top I’m wearing in these pictures. It’s the Durango Tank and it’s free on her site! I mean, if she wasn’t awesome enough.


The Durango Tank is a knit tank pattern with a high neckline finished with a band and armholes finished with bindings. I did bands on my arms for personal preference and added 1.5″ to the length (not shown in pictures). The fit is so great on this tank. I love it. I did size down as this ribbed knit from Indiesew is very stretchy…..and also the most heavenly fabric ever. She is out of this color, unfortunately, but does have it stocked in olive green and blush pink. The Burnside Bibs are also available at Indiesew.


I would highly recommend both of these patterns, preferably together! I think they make such a great match!

Have you started sourcing your bib fabric yet???

This post contains links, none of them are affiliate or paid links. They’re there to help pave the way to getting these two patterns made as quickly as possible. 



  1. I’m currently wearing my jungle green bibs (as in the ones I copied exactly from the pattern release photos, haha) but I want a black cropped pair also! The problem is I want them in cotton/linen and most of the blacks I can find in that substrate are really more like charcoal.

    That tank/bibs combo is fantastic – the colors and the cuts!


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