The Style Maker Spring Tour – The Bryces and View Ridge Top

Since its release, I had been (impatiently) waiting to make the Bryce Cargo Pants until I found the perfect fabric. The moment I saw this pattern I definitively knew I wanted a rust-colored pair. There’s one downside to being a highly decisive person, I’m very unwilling to change my mind once I have a vision for a pattern. I was really excited to be invited to be on the Style Maker Spring Tour and my excited boiled over to fist-pumping when Michelle shared this rust-colored stretch denim that she sourced for the season. It. Was. Perfect. The stars aligned and I hit “print” for the Bryces. Note: The stretch percentage of this fabric is 10% versus the 30% recommended in the pattern, but I found that it was perfectly suitable. 

I love this pattern. It’s totally my style and making them was just as enjoyable as I imagined. You all know I love making Hey June Patterns. I made a size 8 and I’m really happy with that size. DSC_4542

With pants fitting always comes some tweaking and I feel like the tweaks you make are like your fingerprint. For reference, I’m 5′-9″ and I made the following adjustments:

  1. Added 1/4″ to the length line above the knee and 1.5″ to the length below the knee.
  2. Shortened the front and rear crotch curve by 1/4″.
  3. Removed about 5/8″ from the quads (inseam and side seam) and reduced the seam allowance by 1/4″ in the quads.

Basically I just moved 1/4″ of seam allowance around until I got it right. Which is basically all pants fitting is. I’m very happy with the fit of these. They are super, super comfortable. I didn’t make the mistake of over-correcting the fit on these. I think I did that with my Jamie Jeans where I fit them to when I’m standing. As a mother of two small children, I’m doing a lot more than standing. I allowed a little more ease throughout with these and I’m glad I did that.


As you can expect from a Hey June pattern, the instructions are really good. It’s thought out very methodically and the construction of them was very easy. For me to categorize cargo pants as “easy” might come off as flippant because if you follow this blog you know that I’ve made a lot of pants. However, I stand by that statement even for a beginner sewist. The sewing of each step is easy, especially with Adrianna’s instructions.



I think the only tricky part is the fitting, and as I said, it’s basically just moving around 1/4″ of inch as needed. Adrianna includes an extensive fitting and alterations section in the pattern as well. I highly recommend any and all Hey June patterns for beginners.

These pants are definitely on the Top 5 Favorite Makes List. I mean, those side cargo pockets? C’mon. So good.



The View Ridge Top by Straight Stitch Designs is such a great one, too! I love the lines of this top and how it’s blocked into different pieces. Kimberly has some really lovely and feminine details on this pattern and I hope that I see a lot of this pattern this spring. She offers two different lengths with the option to add a ruffle.


My measurements are 35″, 28″ and 38″. I made a size 8 with measurements of 36″, 28″ and 38.5″. It fits really, really well! I chose to do the crop top length and add a ruffle. I did not add any length to the bodice and actually cut the length of the ruffle in half. I wanted it to be high enough to show off the pockets and detailing of the cargo pants.

I had a lot of fun texture-blocking this top. Michelle sent me four different textures and I just love how it turned out! All of the fabrics were fairly shear and so I just used a white cotton voile to go under each piece. I was afraid it was going to be little too bulky but it turned out really well! The fabrics were really easy to work it and it came together so easily. The instructions are very clear and the construction of this garment was a breeze!


I used a fun contrast for the binding and the button loop and in doing this reminded me of why I love sewing my own clothes. You get to pick and customize the details of your garments and I think that’s one of the best parts. It’s what makes them stand out.


I highly recommend both of these patterns. I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together! I hope that these makes inspire you to start on your spring wardrobe! Be sure to follow the tour, you’re sure to be inspired by all of the talented ladies for the upcoming spring season! Michelle is offering $5 shipping up through April 2nd! 29196355_10103800382285346_7162743721480421376_n


Happy Spring Sewing!

These photos were taken by Katie from Sew Altered Style and it was SO fun meeting another member of my tribe in Kansas City!

Disclosure: The fabrics in this post were provided to me at no cost by Style Maker Fabrics but the opinions stated above are solely my own. 



  1. Wow! I love every bit of this! That top is straight out of an anthro catalog (but SO much better quality!) and the pants fit you perfectly! I hope someday I can achieve this level of pants fitting skill- the Bryce cargos are def on my short list!


  2. Seriously – SOOO good! I’m inspired to get cracking on a pair – I really adore them and can’t wait to have a pair perfectly suited for me!


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