The Joy Jacket by Chalk and Notch

I don’t even really know where to start with this post. I’ve shamelessly, and deservingly, praised Gabriela’s patterns before. Many, many, many times before. However The Joy Jacket pattern goes way deeper than perfect drafting, fit, and detailed construction. Gabriela drafted this pattern for our friend Emily at Enjoyful Makes.


Emily lost her mom when her mom was only 48-years-old to leukemia. Since then, Emily has been wearing her mom’s lightweight jacket around and looking for a pattern to make another one. Emily has never been able to find a replacement pattern until Gabriela decided to draft one for her.  She drafted this entire jacket so that Emily could have a replacement to her mom’s original. I’ll give you one guess as to what Emily’s mom name was: Joy.

This pattern is pretty special because it represents the style of a woman gone too soon, the true friendship and support of Gabriela, and a slice of comfort to Emily who will now always have her mom hung on her shoulders. I hope I don’t short circuit my keyboard with tears.


It goes without saying that this jacket is incredibly well-drafted and constructed, I’ll get to all that in a second. However, the second-most amazing thing about this pattern is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you look at all of the tester photos you can just tell that everyone is beaming with pride.

They’re clutching their finished Joys showing off their first successfully bagged jacket (myself included!) or they’re really excited about their beautiful lining fabric or they just love the relaxed fit and comfort of the pattern. They’re all very happy with their jackets and I can bet that you will be, too. I think we all need to work on gravitating towards more self-pride and things that make us feel good.


This jacket is a fully-lined, relaxed fit, raglan-style jacket with an optional hood. It is a more in depth project but the illustrations walk you through each step really well and the jacket came together beautifully! There will be a sew-a-long posted on the Chalk and Notch Blog soon, too. The pattern also boasts details like collar and hem drawstrings, a two-piece sleeve, large patch pockets with two different styles, and an exposed zipper.


Right when Allie from Indiesew posted this monstera rayon crepe I KNEW it had to be my lining fabric. She warned that it might not be slippery enough for the sleeves so I bought some bemberg rayon from Mood Fabrics.


My measurements are 35″, 28″ and 38″. I sewed up a Size 6 with no modifications and it fits perfectly! The jacket doesn’t feel too big with just a t-shirt on and it doesn’t feel too tight with a sweater on either. If you have followed me here for a while you know that I add 2″ to the length of everything I make. I did NOT add the extra length this time and I’m glad I didn’t. It hits me just right.


I’m a tencel twill addict and this pattern is a real enabler when it comes to stocking up on ALL the colors! I chose this Earth color from Blackbird Fabrics for this project and I couldn’t be happier with it. This is the lighter weight of the two tencel twills that Caroline stocks and I’m excited to sew another one in the heavier weight Tencel Twill II that she has.


I learn something new on almost each pattern that I sew and I learned a very important lesson on this project. I have been known to skip stay stitching before…never again will I skip this step. Especially with the less stable fabrics that I used on this project. I would highly recommend stay stitching everywhere the pattern instructs. As you work with this type of fabric is tends to get stretched out fairly easily. I would staystitch right after you cut out your pieces. But that’s it, that’s the only tip that I leave you with. Just do whatever Gabriela says, she knows what she’s doing.


I really love my new Joy Jacket, I’ve been wearing it constantly. This pattern epitomizes my style and is designed by one of the best people around. It carries meaning and hard work and friendship. How’s THAT for a jacket pattern!?!?

This pattern and this finished garment will definitely bring you joy. Now go start sourcing fabric and supplies!





  1. The amount of talent you have amazes me. Not only are you an amazing seamstress but you’re a writer! This post is written beautifully. “I hope I don’t short circuit my keyboard with tears,” is my favorite! Just beautiful ❤ ❤


  2. This post really caught me off guard, in the best way. Your words are so kind and I am so thankful to have you as a friend. You are so right about seeing everyone shinning with pride, it’s such a wonderful thing to see. I feel like I don’t have the words to thank you properly but I love the line…it carries meaning and hard work…that really rings true for me too!


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