The Weekend (and Weekday) Uniform – The Avery Leggings and Sunday Everyday Sweater

Confession 1: I procrastinate. Big time.
Confession 2: Taking pictures of my finished garments is my least favorite part of being a sewing blogger. I always put it off.
Confession 3: I never check the weather.

This all culminated yesterday when I had procrastinated on taking the blog pictures that I don’t like taking and didn’t check the weather. It was FA-freezing and snowing and it was the last day to get pictures taken. I had grand plans to go take some cool actions shots of me un-athletically jumping around on a cool staircase at the art museum in my cool new leggings. However, because I don’t think through things fully sometimes I had to settle for my garage door, my tripod, and my camera focusing on the snow flakes instead of me. Also, I’m pretty sure my neighbors were REALLY wondering what I was doing.


I was lucky enough to test the new Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet and I think this design is pretty fabulous. I really love testing patterns because it gives you insight into the nitty gritty details behind the design.


My favorite feature of this pattern is the crotch gusset. (I never really thought I’d have “favorite feature” and “crotch gusset” in the same sentence). It really adds to the ease and mobility of the pattern. I’ve made leggings before and feel like as I wear them that the inseam would bust open. This gusset piece fixes that and really helps increase the range of motion.


There are two views. View A is a mid-rise option with a standard length and View B is a high-waisted option with added length around the ankles. The design intent is for this to be pulled over your heels and designed more for loungewear.

Like all the other patterns from Helen’s Closet, this one covers all the bases with regards to recommended fabrics, tips for sewing with knits, and construction. I had never sewn a crotch gusset before but it was really easy and turned out well per the instructions.


I will say that you need to pay close attention to the stretch percentage of your fabric. For my muslin, I used an activewear knit with 50% stretch and they technically fit me but they’re pretty tight. For my final pair (pictured)I this activewear that had 70% stretch and they fit perfectly. They’re so comfortable and stay up really well. Did I mention that this fabric is overstock from LuLu Lemon? Yep, I ordered this from Peak Fabrics where she has a wide assortment of overstock fabrics from athletic wear giants Nike and Lulu.


These leggings come together very quickly and easily. I cut mine out while my coffee brewed, sewed them up while drinking my first cup, and enjoyed lounging in them for my second (and third) cup. How much coffee do you drink per day? I really should cut back.

These leggings are, in my opinion, pair perfectly with the new Everyday Sunday Sweater by Ensemble Patterns! This is Celina’s first women’s pattern and I knew it would be perfect for this waffle knit that I’ve been hoarding from Style Maker Fabrics.  She’s out of the waffle knit but found these fabulous sweatshirt fleeces on her site! This sweater is pretty versatile with a total of SIX views! It has three different lengths and two different hemlines. I chose this stepped hemline because I had seen anything like that before. I LOVE it!DSC_3926

Can I just ask if you’re oozing with incredulous shock that I didn’t color block this sweater? I mean, I do color block A LOT. Yes, I’m surprised, too. But don’t worry, I plan to return to my roots and color block the next one.


My measurements are 35″, 28″, 38″ and I sewed up a size 8 as my muslin. For my final version (pictured here) I sewed up a size 6 and graded out to an 8 at the hip. The length picture is right in between the cropped length and the “mid” length. It turned out JUST as I wanted!

My favorite feature of this pattern is the cool hemline but I’m also such a sucker for dropped shoulders. This is a pretty long dropped shoulder as it’s halfway down my bicep but it  works well and I love all the ease in this pattern.

I plan to wear this sweater to pre-school drop-off, the gym, cooking dinner, grabbing coffee with friends, picking up the whirlwind of toys around my house, and drinking night caps…..and any and all other life events, mundane or otherwise.


Celina’s work is extremely stylized and extremely cool. Her aesthetic is very unique and she’s planning to release a pattern a month this year to build the perfect capsule wardrobe. She’s off to a fabulous start with the Everyday Sunday Sweater!

The pattern was really easy to follow and well-drafted. It was a simple sew and didn’t take much time at all to sew up!

I would highly recommend both of these patterns….and both of these patterns together. Treat yourself today and go get the Avery Leggings and the Everyday Sunday Sweater. Sew them up and take notice of the appreciable appreciation in  the quality of your life! The Averys are 20% off for the release! Bonus!

I hope that have a good sewing week ahead. I’ll be doing my usual of drinking too much coffee, procrastinating, and sewing but doing that comfortably in my new leggings and sweater that really need to be washed. #reallife




  1. I am so glad that I found your blog review of the sunday everyday sweater. To begin with, your photos inspired me to buy the pattern, so I could look just like you. Bought it, taped it, and cut out the front and back in a size 10, grading to a 14 in the hip area. Pin-fitting looked miserable, took in some more on the side seams, still miserable. Read your blog post again with measurements and the sizing you cut. Thought about my pear shape that is a 36 full bust, 31 waist and 40 hip. (I am also a senior citizen) So then I pinned out the seam line for a size 6, grading to a 10, and it fits really well!!! The size 6, raised the shoulders and reduced the sleeve width, both were sorely needed. Now, I like it as much as I like yours. You are my hero. I will now recut the front and back, and cut out the rest of the pattern. Then sew it together. For all the time taken to get the fit right, I will need to make this pattern in all the other views – at least once each! I am now, one of your followers and so grateful for the details you add to your reviews. Thank you!


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