The Lander Pant and Blackwood Cardigan

This will be my last blog post for 2017 and it’s just mind-blowing how fast this year has gone. I have had such an amazing year. One of the biggest reasons this year was truly amazing was because I got to meet so many of my sewing friends. I got to meet (in order of appearance) Adrianna, Allie, Kelli, ErinCassy, Kim, Heather, Becca, Sara, Nicole, Gabriela, Emily, Alina, Michelle, and Fleurine. Fleurine flew from Tromso Norway to meet all of us. Yeah, Norway. It was so special to meet them all. I feel so fortunate to have created all of these positive and sincere friendships. I mean, I talk to these women ON THE PHONE and we see each other IN REAL LIFE. It goes beyond social media and, in this day, that’s a good thing.

So, for my last 2017 ThreadBear Garments blog post I bring you The Lander Pant and the Blackwood Cardigan.  I very intentionally styled these two patterns together because I love the long, vertical design lines of both patterns. The Blackwood Cardigan, because it’s so narrow, really shows off the unique details of the Lander Pant.DSC_3731

I love True Bias patterns. Kelli has a unique, visionary style and, lucky for us home sewists, drafts said vision into sewing patterns that allows us to emulate her amazing style. Enter: the Lander Pant.


I bought this richly dark green Italian stretch denim from Style Maker fabrics for this specific project. I had already purchased some for my Mai Zip Jacket and knew it would make some killer Lander Pants. I love this color so much, it’s so dark that it’s almost black but is distinctly green and distinctly perfect.


This was my first button fly and it was fun! I paid very close attention to making sure I got the buttons evenly spaced both vertically and horizontally. The pattern includes a stitching guide which includes button placement so it was easy! The construction of this fly was much easier than a regular zipper fly (although I’ve done so many of those darn things now they don’t seem too tough either.) Regardless, this style of pant closure would be a great place to start for a beginner. A beginner with KILLER STYLE!


I made a straight size 6 and added 3″ to the length. My waist and hip measurements are 28″ and 38″, respectively, compared to the size 6 measurements of 29″ and 37″. The instructions include a step for basting the side seams with a 1″ seam allowance so I figured that I had some wiggle room in there even though I was a size 8 through the hip. There is also a 3.25″ seam allowance at the hem so you have some play there as well. I still added plenty of length because I wanted to include that deep hem on mine.

The large patch pockets on the front are one of my favorite style features of this pattern. They’re chicly rugged, as are the large square pockets on the back. I left the belt loops off mine because, well, I would never use them and I liked the simple way the waistband looked with the button fly and pockets.


Here are the seam allowances that I ended up with at the pinch points:
Waist: 1″
Hips: 5/8″
Quads: I took the side seam and inseam allowance in by 1-5/8″ because I wanted them a little tighter through this area.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend these pants. They are an easy sew and Kelli does a good job of walking you through each step. They are extremely unique and I can’t wait to sew up the shorts this spring and a whole bunch of crop tops to go with them. Before then, however, I might need a lighter dark green pair of Landers and use this cotton sateen from Indiesew.

Moving onto the Blackwood Cardigan. The Blackwood Cardigan is amazing. I made this a while ago and am just now getting it on the blog. I wear this cardigan ALL the time. It’s a dream to wear because of  its shape and also the amazing 2×2 rib knit that I got from Indiesew. Unfortunately, it’s sold out but I have 1.5 more yards of this fabric and I’m hoarding it BAD. It’s such nice stuff and it’ll take an extra special project for me to use it up.


I made a Medium (size 8-10) based on my measurements. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern and it fits just perfectly. I really enjoyed Helen’s pattern. Due to the simplicity of the construction I didn’t need to look at the instructions too much; however, I found myself reading through the entire pattern because it was so well done. She includes extensive tips for sewing with knits, tips for beginners, and good explanations and reasons behind the design. There was something about the layout, her instructions, and her illustrations that just appealed to my brainwaves. For the duration that it took me to read through it, the world made sense. Ha!


I’ve heard a few people mention on Instagram how they were surprised with how narrow it is and I would totally agree that it isn’t like my other cardigans….and I love it. The Blackwood is off to my sides and not getting in the way like some other cardigans do, it showcases the shirt (or lapis necklace) I’m wearing, and keeps me warm. Win, win, win.


Another thing that I like is the sleeves are a little long  and they’re supposed to bunch at your wrists (I read that in Helen’s pattern description. I told you I read every word.). She did this so you can pull the sleeves down over your hands. How did she know that I’m perpetually doing this?! You can tell that Helen was very intentional with this design.

I hope that you try these two patterns. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I hope that 2018 brings you health, happiness, a new life skill, a new sewing skill, and a real life encounter with another sewing friend. It really is the best when you meet another seamstress just as cool as you!

Happy sewing!

Disclosure: The rib knit fabric was provided to me by Indiesew at no cost; however, the opinions stated above are solely my own. 



  1. SO lovely as usual, Leslie! I really think I would like the Blackwood for the same reasons you mentioned. It’s narrow and doesn’t get in the way, and which of us tall sewing ladies can resist longer than long sleeves?


  2. Love your Lander Pants. I just wasn’t sure of these as I keep seeing the cropped version and I’m just not a cropped-pants kind of girl.
    Also, I am chomping at the bit to make myself another Blackwood cardigan, I love it as much as you do!


  3. I just stumbled upon this and it looks great! You make me want to copy you exactly (except I will *never* be taking in a pants pattern in the quads area, haha). I just hope I can find some rib knit and super dark green stretch denim– I just love your choices here! 😉


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