The Style Maker Fall Tour

If you ever have the privilege of being invited to be on one of Michelle’s seasonal fabric tours, you say YES. You say yes even if it’s in the immediate wake of moving your family cross-country. Even if your husband is on a two month training stint in Dallas, Texas and you’re swamped with the kids, you say YES. My husband is currently getting trained with the current class of shiny new Southwest Airlines pilots and we couldn’t be more excited.  Yep, I get free flights which means ALL of you are at high risk for me to come visit you. Look out!

Did you see Gabriela’s post yesterday? Whaaatt!?!? So good! Is it just me or can that girl turn. it. ON!? Be sure to check out her post because she’s a visionary….and a really good friend of mine. Go check it out……now. {Awkward stare down}.

I like any and all shades of olive/dark/drab/forest/army green….and I like sporty/moto type jackets. Enter the Mai Zip Jacket colorblocked in an olive green spectrum. I LOVE it!

For the bodice I used this really plush olive sweatshirt fleece. In a word, heavenly.  This stuff is thick, so soft, and warm! I would highly recommend this fabric. I think it’d make a really great Halifax hoodie by Hey June. (Me? Recommend Hey June? How weird!)

For the sleeves, facing, and hem I used this really cool Italian dark green denim. It has a little bit of stretch and it would be perfect for the Lander Pants by True Bias. I tested that pattern for Kelli and it is so amazing! The fabric was really easy to work with and washed up really well.

For the lining, I couldn’t help myself and had to use the Cotton and Steel new rayon/lawn substrate! This stuff feels more cotton than rayon to me but you can tell that it’s more than just cotton. It’s perfect lining fabric in my opinion and it’s easy to deal with and it turned out that I needed every advantage I could get with this lining.

Ok, now the beef: The Mai Zip Jacket. {Sigh}. Generally speaking, this pattern was good. The fit was where it should be and I made the usual adjustments including 2″ of added length and narrowing the shoulders by about 3/4″. All of the pattern pieces fit together, the notches lined up, and the construction (even with three zippers and easing in four set in sleeves) was pretty smooth…everything was checking out.  That is, until I got to bagging it.

I’ve made two other coats before (the Lonetree Jacket and Hampton Jean Jacket) and so I guess I was a little cocky but humility smacked me right in the face when it came to figuring out the lining. I do not think that the pattern adequately described the process or technique needed to get it properly lined. I consulted YouTube, Gabriela, Thao, and Emily. All of which were very helpful and encouraging and in the end I prevailed. I would not necessarily recommend this pattern for an inexperienced sewist. However, if you venture out and sew this pattern and do/don’t run into trouble feel free to shoot me a message and we can commiserate about the simple instructions (and I can try to help)…..or you can tell me how easy it was and what a moron I am. I’m fine with either.

All’s well that ends well-ish though, I really love this new jacket and it’s going to be worn a lot this fall.

I should’ve made the Ebony Tee after I made the Mai Jacket because I think it would’ve restored my sewing confidence a bit but I was also glad to be DONE after the lining predicament. I LOVE the Ebony Tee and this multi-stripe jersey knit was perfect for it.

It has beautiful drape and the color combination is just perfect for fall. I’ve washed this shirt a few times and the fabric is really high quality and holding up beautifully. It’ll get washed and worn a lot.

The Ebony has a lot of volume to it and I think it’s a great silhouette to pair with leggings. It’s also a great silhouette to help hide overindulgence during the upcoming holidays. Overindulgence is inevitable for me and I’ll be the first to admit it. At least I’ll be well prepared with this shirt!

Unlike the Mai Jacket, I would recommend this pattern for a beginner sewist. The instructions are very clear and the drafting is great! I sewed up an 8 based on my bust measurement, added the Threadbear standard 2″ to the length and I love the fit!

I hope that you have some fun sewing plans for the fall and I hope that this post helped inspire you a bit! The inspiration continues tomorrow with Lara at Handmade by Lara Liz! She’ll knock your socks off!

I highly encourage you to check out all that Michelle at Style Makers has to offer, she is so good at getting the best fabrics and the shipping is super fast….and cheap! She’s offering $5 flat rate for US Shipping and discounted international shipping for the duration of the tour!

Happy Sewing!

Disclosure: The fabric was provided to me by Style Maker Fabrics at no cost, but the opinions stated above are solely my own. 



  1. That’s IT, I’m getting that Ebony Tee. So good! Your jacket is fantastic and I’m sorry you were struggling with the bagging part and glad that you figured it out 🙂


  2. Oh wow, I am blown away by this post!!!! I am SO NOT WORTHY! I love the jacket so much that if we lived on the same continent, I would probably try to find a way to raid your closet (oh wait, that sounded a little psycho). And, as always, I love your writing. You are amazing, Les!


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