Heritage Fabrics by April Rhodes – Blog Tour

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’ve been very busy with April Rhodes’ new Heritage fabric line. This fabric line is one of my absolute favorites…..ever. It’s wildly apparent that April every ounce of creative energy into this line and there is passion, history, and, ya know, her heritage behind it. I’ve made a total of three garments out of just two of the six fabrics in this line. I haven’t even gotten to the knits yet, so rest assured that I’m just getting warmed up! The rayon is high quality, washes up very well and is relatively (for rayon) easy to work with.

My most recent make is the Adrift Dress by Papercut Patterns. I thought that the soft, flowy silhouette of the pattern would be perfect for the the fabric. I absolutely love how it turned out! I made a muslin for this dress because I heard from my sewing pal Allie J. that it was a bit short. I’m glad that I did because I did end up making some adjustments to the pattern.


I sewed up a size small based on my bust, waist, and hip measurements of 35, 28, and 38. I ended up adding 2-3/8″ to the bodice and 1-3/8″ to the top of the skirt. If you lengthen the skirt make sure you add the same length to the ruffle as well! I ALMOST forgot to do this! Yikes! I also lowered the bust darts by 1.25″ and  narrowed the neckline by 3/8″. I was little worried that it wouldn’t fit over my head but it still does. Let’s be honest: is there any sewing failure greater than a finished garment NOT fitting over your head?!?! That mental picture makes me laugh.


The construction of this dress is super simple and fairly quick! I think doing all of the rolled hems on the ruffle and sleeves is what took the longest! The instructions were clear and easy for this pattern and very simple to follow. The only issue that I ran into was that the shoulder seams didn’t match up exactly. Easy enough to fix and it could’ve been my taping errors but I just modified the pattern pieces to match up and went about my project.



While the pattern didn’t specify to interface the neckline facing I did add some light interfacing to mine and also under stitched the seam allowance to help it may a little nicer. The other modification I made was that instead of using a cord for the drawstring all the way around, I sewed in 1/4″ elastic to make it more comfortable and less restrictive. I anchored each end of the elastic at the buttonhole openings and added a piece of leather for the drawstrings.

DSC_1636I really love this little detail. I’ll see how the leather wears, especially after a few washes, but it’ll be easy to refresh it if it starts to look worn.

I will be making another Adrift Dress. This is TOTALLY my style and it couldn’t be more comfortable. I really love it! Plus, it goes well with my cowboy boots. Enough said.

Another piece that I’ve made using the Heritage collection was the Willamette Shirt by Hey June that I blogged here and here. This is definitely in my top three favorite makes of ALL TIME!


I also made this self-drafted cold-shoulder top using the Mountain Mirror rayon and I wear it CONSTANTLY!

Do yourself a gigantic favor and stock up on these gorgeous fabrics. They are simply stunning!

Happy sewing, Friends!

The fabric for this tour was provided to me by April Rhodes, however, the opinions stated above are solely my own. 





  1. All of your makes are so stunning! I totally agree this collection is one my all time favorites too! Love the cowboy boots too! XO


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