The Liana Stretch Jeans and another Willamette

When Allie at Indie Sew posted this light blue stretch denim that was overstock fabric from a designer-who-shall-not-be-named-but-let’s-just-say-I’ve-always-wanted-a-pair-of-their-jeans, I jumped on it right away! A lot of other people jumped on it, too, because it’s sold out now. She has a 10oz and 12oz denim right now, though, that would be perfect for that Hampton Jean Jacket that you KNOW you want to brave. Doooo it, fall is coming up!

I knew I wanted to make the Liana Stretch Jeans by Itch to Stitch with my coveted light blue stretch denim. I love Kennis’ patterns, the illustrations and directions are so clear and easy to follow and I knew her jeans pattern would be the same way.

So, here’s the rub though. In today’s social media climate the prevalence of a hashtag is a strong indicator of popularity. I checked the #lianastretchjeans hashtag……there’s only 55 posts. People, this pattern merits WAY more than 55 posts! I thought Kennis did any amazing job with this pattern! Not only do you get a great pair of skinny jeans but the pattern also includes a straight leg and flared leg option! The instructions were very clear and she made the construction very easy. The fit is amazing and the rise is a little lower than most of the jeans patterns out there which is a nice change.  What more can you ask for in a jeans pattern??? More leg style options?? Right, well, she has that too!


While I didn’t muslin these, I basted them together and fit them as I went which is USUALLY a pretty safe bet. DON’T hold me to that, though, I always recommend (but don’t always do this myself) sewing a muslin.



The fit of these jeans really works for me. I made a Size 6 and kept most of the seam allowances at the specified 1/2″. I increased the seam allowance a bit for the inseam but that’s it!  I made some slight fit modifications and they are as follows:

  1. I added 1″ to the rise. I don’t think I’ll do this on my next pair. I like the fit a lot, but these and my Birkin Flares are high-waisted so I’m looking for something a little lower on my next pair. Because I added 1″ to the rise the yoke is a bit loose, especially after I wear them all day. I think if I hadn’t added the rise then the overall fit would be slightly better.
  2. I added 3/4″ to bottom hem allowance and I’m glad I did! I still haven’t hemmed them because I love the frayed look of these!


I made a couple adjustments to the construction as well:

  1. I put the back pockets on LAST! I’ve learned that this is the best sequence for me to ensure they’re in exactly the right spot. Trust me, you don’t want to pick bar tacks.
  2. I serged the outside edge of the front and back legs separately and pressed the seam open instead of serging the raw edges together.
  3. I made the belt loops little shorter than what the pattern calls for.
  4. Once thing I missed on this pattern was a top stitching guide for the front fly but it wasn’t a big deal.

I would definitely recommend the Liana Stretch Jeans.  I made the changes listed above based on personal preference and some experience with making jeans before. However, if you are a beginner to jeans making this pattern will get you pair of great fitting jeans!

My top needs no introduction. I think the Willamette Shirt is probably my favorite pattern! Big statement. True statement. I’ve already blogged it here so you can read more about it there, but trust me, you NEED this pattern! It’s a gorgeous shirt, inside and out. The fit is flattering and the style is very unique! There are still two more views of this pattern that I haven’t tried yet! The fabric I used is the Treasured Kermes rayon by April Rhodes! You know what would make a show-stopping Willamette?? This jade green tencel shirting from Indie Sew. Hmmmm, I guess I’ll have to make another one.


I love these two patterns paired together! A LOT! Even my husband, who is utterly blind to any fashion sense, paid me a compliment that they complement each other well. Thanks, Honey.


I hope that you all are having a fabulous summer. With fall approaching keep these two patterns in mind, you won’t regret it!

This post contains affiliate links and the light blue denim was provided to me by Indie Sew; however, the opinions states above are solely my own. 




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