The Pony Tank by Chalk and Notch

The point of this blog post is to convey one thing and one thing only: You NEED the Pony Tank. Trust. Me.

This new tank top pattern from Chalk and Notch is so amazing and you’re going to have 12 of them in your closet before the close of summer. The fit is perfect and I love how Gabriela added some volume and a curved hem to the bottom. This tank works so well by itself or layered with a cardigan.

The pattern, per the usual, is really easy to follow and very thorough even though the pattern is very simple. I’ve tested a lot of Gabriela’s patterns and I know how much consideration she puts into every detail of her patterns. Even though this tank top is simple, she put in just as much work on this tank top as her more complicated patterns. I should also mention that it includes a dress version as well!

The pattern is drafted for very drapey rayon knits. The rayon gives the garment a little bit of weight and lets the fullness of the hemline flow beautifully. It makes for a very flattering silhouette that covers you in all the right spots! The fullness also allows you to tie a front knot for a little bit different look! Hello summer!! 

I put together a quick little synopsis of how I color-blocked mine. It took me a little longer than it should have for me to figure out which way the pieces should be cut so that everything is going the same direction. I’ll save you the why-can’t-I-figure-this-out-self-loathing and explain it below:

Color-blocked Pony Tank

  1. Make new pattern pieces for the front and back. Take each piece and cut a new piece on the fold using tracing paper. NOTE: Make sure you’ve added/subtracted any length before cutting the new piece.
  2. Unfold each piece and decide where the color blocking will start and stop.
  3. Using a pencil, draw your cut lines for the front piece and cut the pattern piece apart.
  4. For the best precision, make a second iteration of pattern pieces that include seam allowances of 3/8″. If you don’t want to make another round of pieces, you can also use a ruler to add this allowance when you’re cutting out your pieces. Just be sure to include it!!
  5. Take the pattern pieces that you just cut for the front and line them up with the back piece so that the bottom of the arm curves are lining up. This will ensure that your side seam will be pattern matched.
  6. Using the front pieces as a guide, cut the same lines on the back piece. Make a second iteration of back pieces including seam allowance if desired.
  7. Place the front pieces on the right side your fabric and cut.
  8. Place the back pieces on the WRONG side of your fabric and cut.
  9. This should be fairly obvious….but now is where you sew the color blocked pieces together!!!! Shocking, I know.
  10. Once you have your front and back pieces assembled take care to make sure your side seams are pattern matched.

This is a quick and easy pattern to sew and  you won’t be able to stop making them! I have my eye on some of the rayon jerseys that Indie Sew has stocked.

I have a GIVEAWAY going on on my Instagram account! Head over there to enter a chance to win the pattern and $40 gift card to Indie Sew!

So, head over and get your Pony Tank pattern. You’ll love it!



  1. What!! This color-blocked version is awesome – and thank you for doing all the calculations for people who are pattern-hacking challenged!


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