Hey, it’s June! The Season of the Willamette.


As the sewcialist movement of Me Made May wore on this season I started to realize two things: 1. it’s getting hot outside and 2. I need more handmade summer clothes. If you know me at all, you know I love my Cheyennes tunics somethin’ fierce and I wore those as much as I could until the bitter, hot end.  Wouldn’t you know it? Adrianna swooped in and pushed out two new summer releases. The Willamette Shirt and the Key Largo Top (to be blogged at a later date).

I love my Willamette shirt, like, a lot. It’s my summer Cheyenne! Since you know already that I unconditionally love all Hey June designs I can go ahead with this admittance: This was a different design for me and I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. However, because of the aforementioned unconditional love I have for Hey June I pushed all trepidation aside, printed it out the day of its release, and got to work.


This was one of those projects where you grow to love it more and more (and more) as it comes together. I have ZERO patience when I’m working on a project and try it on after every step (my husband thinks I’m nuts). With each step of this project I grew to love it and saw how it was COMPLETELY my style!  How dare I ever cast a doubt! I think this design walks that perfect line between vintage and modern,  a very hard line to walk!

I used this beautiful 4oz light blue tencel from Threadbare Fabrics (sadly it’s sold out) and I think it turned out so well! It’s so breathable, has the perfect amount of drape, and was really easy to work with! Katie at Threadbare has a lot of other fun colors right now.

DSC_0497I sewed up the Size 6 based on my measurements and it’s the perfect fit. I added 1.5″ to the length….and totally forgot to add length to the facing pieces. Nooooo! I’ve come to care DEEPLY for neat insides so I was a little devastated; however, I just tacked on an extra little bit and added some decorative stitching. It’s on the inside, so it’s not THAT big of a deal…..I guess.  I would also recommend using Wonder Tape for getting the placket to come together perfectly straight, it worked better for me than pinning it.

DSC_0507The construction of this pattern is genius. It’s all clean finished on the inside and you can tell that this construction was engineered by someone how knows what they’re doing. I have to warn you though, the pieces all come together a little differently that you might expect. So, just read the instructions and do what Adrianna tells you to do…..she’s better at this than you. Sorry, it’s true.

DSC_0511I really love the drop sleeves with the cuffs. The ONLY change that I made was that I tacked down the cuffs all the way around the sleeve as opposed to just the side seams. I honestly think that’s the only deviation I’ve EVER made to a Hey June construction.

DSC_0543I’m planning on make a couple more of these shirts. I’m thinking one out of the new April Rhodes rayon from her Heritage collection and a blue and white striped one!

If you haven’t gotten this pattern yet, you should!! If  you haven’t sewn it up yet, drop all current projects and switch gears to this one! You won’t regret it.







  1. Gah! I need to get my life together and sew this ASAP!! You really know how to give a push by looking so stunning! XO


  2. How did you tack the cuffs down all the way around? (Please tell me it wasn’t by hand, because I want to be able to do it too!) Now I think I need a tencel Willamette.


    1. Haha! Just so we’re clear, I DO NOT sew things by hand! I just stitched in the ditch all the way around the sleeve, catching the cuff edge underneath. I also tacked it down at the two side seams per the instructions! Does that make sense??


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