The Farrah Top by Chalk and Notch

Just like all of the Chalk and Notch patterns before this, the Farrah Top and Dress does not disappoint. Gabriela knocks it out of the park with style, fit, and construction. She added some great details like a split hem with mitered corners, gussets, and ruffles! Have you seen Pinterest recently? Ruffles are everywhere and anybody who’s anybody is wearing ruffles…..and let me tell ya somethin’ sista: If you’re sewing and styling your own handmade clothes you’re not just anybody you’re SOMEBODY. Somebody that has learned an age-old skill that is only honed by patience and perseverance. Somebody that is creative and knows the value of using her hands to make something. Somebody that is buying one less shirt from Target because she made something much more beautiful instead. That somebody is pretty important and pretty amazing….P.S. It’s you.

I’ll just stay atop my soapbox and continue to preach about this pattern. The Farrah is expertly drafted and I can tell you that Gabriela will not rest until things are perfect with her patterns. I talk to her almost everyday and she is one dedicated designer. She puts a lot of consideration into the construction, the fit, the tutorial, and the custom fit alterations that go into her patterns.

I sewed up a Size 6 based on my high bust and bust measurements. The high bust measurement is your critical point for this pattern as it’s the point with the least amount of ease. Gabriela has a section that discusses fitting and custom alterations that you may need to help you get the best fit.

While I didn’t make the dress (it looks amazing though), the two different top views are incredibly versatile for so many different occasions and can be dressed up or down quite easily. The sleeve ruffles are fun and flattering and depending on your fabric choice give you different looks.

I think that the front ruffle looks amazing with a blazer (not pictured) and I think it’s the dressier of the two views. The ruffle is cut on the bias to add a little more visual interest. It falls well below the bust and hangs beautifully for a really unique silhouette.

As you can see I didn’t color block on either of my versions but it is something I really like to do with patterns. I think mixing and matching fabrics really elevates garments. This pattern definitely gives you opportunities to color block with the separate yoke, gusset, and ruffle pieces. When you get this pattern, make sure you consider something like that because it can add a lot of dimension.

Side gusset and split hem

I mentioned how I love the style and versatility of this pattern, but I have to say that my favorite attribute is its construction. It’s so clean, so easy, and sews quickly. With one exception, there are no exposed seams in this whole pattern. Everything is tucked away nice and tidily. There is only one seam where Gabriela recommends finishing with a serger instead of using binding and it’s the armhole with the ruffle on View A. It’s because she felt that the armhole might get a bit too bulky. So, it’s not like she was getting lazy, she has your back and doesn’t want you to have a bulky armhole. Duh.

Both of my versions fit really well and I’m happy with how different they are, too. For my View A I used a cotton lawn with this really fun tropical print from Style Maker Fabrics. This particular fabric is sold out but I did go check out her site and found this super fun fabric that would be perfect for a Farrah. Or this one.

For my View B, I used an abstract rayon that I found at Joann’s. This fabric has more drape than the lawn that I used for View A and I would recommend using drapier fabrics for View B because that front ruffle will have a more flattering silhouette with more drape.

As I descend from my soap box I hope I effectively conveyed the following:

  1. The Farrah Top and Dress is a unique, skillfully-drafted, and versatile pattern that you turn to again and again.
  2. Use drapey fabric for View B and consider color blocking.
  3. You make your own clothes which makes you somebody who is awesome!

Happy Farrah Making!

There are links to patterns and fabric in this post but they are not affiliate links. They’re links to help you get awesome patterns and fabrics. Period. 



  1. Have I told you already that you are the awesomest? (Yes, that is totally a word. It is….right??) Your Farrahs are gorgeous and so are you! And I am with you on this pattern. It is amazing, just like all of the Chalk and Notch patterns! Woo hoo!


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