The Epic Coffee and Thread Pattern Tour

I was excited to be asked to be part of this tour! I found myself among many talented and creative seamstresses. I really love all of Olga’s patterns, she has a gift for modernizing classic designs and putting her own twist on them. I sewed up the Antalya Dress and I loved how it turned out. I haven’t sewn anything for her for awhile and I quickly discovered that during that time she’s become much more opinionated about what she wears. This is the pattern, the fabric, and the piping that she chose! While I wouldn’t classify myself as a “pink floral print” person, I was happy to sew this up for her. It’s what she wanted and so it’s what I wanted. I did, however, get to pick out the plain white buttons while she was at pre-school though, so I was allowed a little creative freedom.

This floral print is a lawn from Moda Fabrics and it’s going to be really light and airy as the weather continues to heat up around here. Plus, Easter is right around the corner so I can check “Make Easter Dress” off my list!

Like Olga’s other patterns, this one sewed up beautifully and I found the fit to be spot on. I’m really glad that I added piping because I think it really elevates this pattern but I found that I was embarrassingly out of practice with piping! It took me a few passes to get it right. Admittedly, I had gotten a little cocky with all of the topstitching and difficult constructions that I’ve done recently…..but this piping took me down a few notches.

With the exception of my poor piping skills, the construction was easy and clean and the results are just the cutest! I would definitely recommend any and all of Olga’s patterns.

Speaking of her patterns, she’s having a shop-wide sale of 20% off using code: COFFEEANDTHREADTOUR

There’s also a GIVEAWAY!!! Just enter using the Rafflecopter below!
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With Love By Eva 



  1. she certainly seems pleased with pink floral fabric 😀 Sich fun photos, such a beautiful dress! I used to be almost anti-pink. Now I embrace it like there is no tomorrow because I have a girlie who is obsessed with pink!


  2. Eeeek, you have made summer in a dress. I REALLY love it and agree that piping can be tricky but is also worth the trouble…especially when it works out like here hehe 😉 Gorgeous work!


  3. She is really the cutest! I think pink suits her well! I agree about the piping addition, everything is better with piping, right! Thank you so much for being on the tour!


  4. Oh I feel the same way about Olga’s patterns…they take me down a notch while I’m sewing and make me feel like such a professional seamstress when I’m done! This dress and your little model are sooo cute!


  5. Hahaha!!! I love how the white buttons on this beautiful Antalya are your “creative freedom.” I feel you on this. My older daughter, who used to love everything I chose, has become more and more opinionated about her clothes, so now I hardly have any say in what I make for my girls (my younger one NEVER let me choose for her. Period).


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