The Tallinn Sweater by Hey June

Fun fact: Tallinn, Estonia is one of the oldest capital cities in northern Europe and is consistently voted one of the Top 10 European Christmas Markets. I want to go to there.

Speaking of Europe….the fabric that I used for this pattern came from across the pond. I befriended Fleurine from Sew Mariefleur early last year and we quickly hit it off and found eerily similar characteristics about each other, including our taste in fabrics. Long story short, Fleurine bought 2 meters of this fabric for me but we discovered that shipping it from Norway was prohibitively expensive. Instead, she convinced her sister-in-law to pack it with her on her vacation to Florida in October. While her sister-in-law, who has no idea who I am, was on her tropical vacation in Florida she took the time to go to a post office and put this in the mail to me…a complete stranger. So, to Fleurine and her gracious sister-in-law, thank you. This fabric is very special to me and I knew this was the perfect pattern for it.

The day the Tallinn Sweater was released it was being sent through my printer. I’ve professed my love for Hey June patterns before here and here and I don’t think it’s any secret that I have an undying love of the Cheyenne Tunic specifically. (I have more fabric en route right now for a View A….and no, Fleurine’s SIL isn’t bringing it to the U.S. for me).

I really love Adrianna’s new sweater design. While I don’t have a natural penchant for traditional turtlenecks, I love me a good cowl. Let’s be honest, though, I’ll probably make the traditional turtleneck as well, it’s a HJ pattern after all. This fabric is a textured cotton/ poly blend. I just love the color and the herringbone texture. I will say that it doesn’t have the required stretch that pattern recommends and so my sleeves are maybe a tiny bit tighter than designed, but it still fits really well.

This pattern features an asymmetrical silhouette, two different necklines, a drop sleeve and I would’ve killed for a sweater like this while I was nursing my kids. Per the usual, the small design details and the big picture were considered with this pattern. The ease of nursing with this sweater was not a by-product of the design but was considered at the design’s inception because that’s how Adrianna rolls: flattering, stylish, and fully-functional. I won’t get into nursing politics or politics politics (my blood boils)….but we need every advantage we can get these days, right Ladies? Pink pussy cat hats, unity, tough chicks…..and Tallinn Sweaters.

I sewed up a size Medium (36, 28, 38) and I added 2.5″ to the length. It fits beautifully. The cowl has just the right amount of slouch and I think that the drop sleeve is my favorite feature. Another favorite feature? Cuffs on the sleeves and bands on the bottom. No hemming! I don’t know where my aversion for hemming comes from, but it’s there! Tip: Be sure to pay attention to the cutting of the cowl or turtle neck. I botched mine and had to piece it together.

Since hearing about the release I’ve been stalking the Instagram hashtag and all of the tester versions look amazing on everyone! Not a bad one in the bunch!

To sum up, and this shouldn’t come as any surprise, I would recommend this pattern. It’s good stuff made from good people. That’s a waning thing these days, too, get it while you still can.



  1. You know, you are more than welcome to come here 😉 Every sewist who ever wants to come to Tallinn will get a local tour by me 😉

    This fabric, this color and this pattern together makes it so beautiful and flattering! 🙂


  2. This is so pretty, Leslie! I love that fabric so much! (I feel like Fleurine always has the best fabrics– why can’t we get them here??) It was a great choice for this pattern.


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