The Primrose Pullover by Cali Faye

I recently tested the Primrose Pullover by Cali Faye and I gotta tell you that I’m loving my new pullover. I’m still learning all of the different knits out there and Sarah was the one that introduced me to the world of boucle knits. Now, whenever I see that word on the fabric content I automatically haul it over to the cut counter and say “Two yards, please”.

This stuff is great! I’ve purchase a couple of boucle knits from Joann’s this season and they are so great! They’re thick, textured, and are so soft.

Ok, I’m supposed to be blogging the Primrose and not Joann’s seasonal boucles.  Sarah’s new pattern is consistent with her other ones in that it’s simple and elegant. I love the length on this one which says a lot coming from me. By now  you should now that I add length to almost everything but this one I didn’t and I’m really happy with it! That said, I did see a tester remove 6″ from it and turned out to be a really cute sweater as opposed to the pullover style.

The Primrose is a oversized design with plenty of ease in the sleeves. The neckline is wide and has an option for a V-neck back or a simple scoop neck. Even though it’s oversized I think that the silhouette is very pretty! The sleeves are 3/4 length and are finished with bands as is the bottom hemline (no hemming!). Whenever it’s okay for me to finish a garment with pedal-to-the-metal serging approach as opposed to ironing and threading my double needle it gets an extra thumbs up!

I will say that “oversized” is a more than fair description of this design. I would recommend sizing down if you’re between sizes. You could also do the responsible thing and make a muslin. Ha! I would recommend thicker, chunkier knits for this pattern. I like it’s structure and thicker knits will help maintain this. I used a thin and super stretchy rayon knit for the band and it doesn’t have quite enough structure. For my next one I will use two knits that are a little more similar for the bodice and the neckband.

I like the design because I think you can make this dressy or casual. The scoop neck option is more casual where as that deep “V” on the back gives you a dramatic effect.

I plan to make more of these! I think that my only adjustment is going to be making that wide neckline narrower.

Sarah did a full tutorial on how to sew a V-neck neckband on her blog! It’s full of good instruction on how to get a professional finish. I need all the help I can get to achieve professional results. So, check out her tutorial if you need some extra help, too!

You can get the pattern here! I hope that you enjoy your new Primrose as much as I am!

This post contains affiliate links but the opinions stated above are my own.



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