The Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour Round-Up

I wanted to write this blog post so that I could consolidate the beauty, inspiration, and festivity of the Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour in one spot. I mean, this tour deserves it’s own Pinterest board. I was honored that I got to co-organize this tour with my dear friend, Fleurine from Sew Mariefleur. We were both honored by the group of ladies that joined us to create some of the most festive holiday garments!

We had pattern hacks, faux suede, gold buttons, little black dresses, and elegance at every stop on the tour. Their creatively paired with Kennis’s expertly drafted patterns was a recipe pure holiday magic. Seriously, these women wowed me!

Teri from Fa Sew La sewed up the Idyllwild Dress and showed us how to style it a couple different ways. I love the simplicity of the dress and how it can work to create two totally separate looks. I’m always scanning Teri’s IG feed for good ideas!

Kristi from SweetKM has such great style and I knew she’d sew up something fantastic… this Hepburn Turtleneck that she hacked into a dress using this luscious black stretch velvet. Classy, chic, festive, brilliant….I only wish I could be this effortless!

Kim from Sweet Red Poppy used some merlot-colored stretch velvet to make a Davina Dress! I love what she did and it fits her perfectly! She has such a fabulous sense of what looks stunning on her which is easy because she is just that….a stunner! Let’s not even talk about that hair.

Sarah from Lace and Pine Designs is so good with the details and knows how to pull off a good hack! Case in point, check out that awesome “V” and peplum that she put on the Bonn shirt! Genius. She did a full tutorial on her blog about how she did it! I can’t wait to do this hack, it’s super awesome and gives this button up shirt such an amazing twist!

Our German bloggers and our Portuguese blogger really wowed me…and not just because of their impeccable style. Is it just me that finds it wildly impressive that they all speak fluent English? I would get laughed out of a German or Portuguese holiday blog tour. I only know “wunderbar” and “danke”…..and I suppose “wonderful” and “thank you” are two good phrases to know in a sewing circle….but still. I don’t know a word of Portuguese. I’m very impressed that they write their blogs in English on top of having such amazing sewing skills and style.  So, “Prost” to you ladies!

Maria from Fairies,Bubbles & Co put together such a fabulous outfit with her Kathryn Top and Lisbon Cardigan. Doesn’t her sparkly fabric make the look really festive? I’ve had the pleasure of testing a lot with Maria and she always makes the best stuff! She’s also the sweetest gal around!

Eveline from Frolein Tilia made the cutest polka-dot Bonn Shirt! I just love the coloring and how she paired it with her mustard skirt! She and I have very similar styles, so don’t be surprised if you see me in a polka dot Bonn and mustard skirt in the near future. I want to copy everything that she does!

Annika from Naeh Connection made a striped Lisbon Cardigan. If you didn’t know, Annika translates English pattern to German and vice versa. What’s the German word for “impressive”? I love her striped cardigan! I have been wanting to make one of these, I’m definitely going to after seeing this version! Check out her perfekt pattern matching!

Fleurine from Sew Mariefleur looks stunning in her Zamora Blouse and Petal Skirt. She was my co-organizer for the tour and a close friend of mine. I talk to her almost everyday….and we’d probably talk more if 8 time zones weren’t between us! She has the best style and I love everything that she makes! These are no exception.

Cassy from Pear Berry Lane made the Idyllwild Dress in this lovely oatmeal knit! This dress goes with everything! I love this color on her (and in general) so much! I am also LOVING that belted scarf! The perfect touch!


Rachel from The Wild Stitch took a break from her amazing podcasts to hack the Sirena Dress into this fabulous blouse! I love the lines and textures of this shirt! It’s stunning on her and so festive and fun! She also has a tutorial on her blog for hacking the Sirena into this top!

Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’ is awesome! I love reading her blog. She always gives such a great review of the pattern(s) she’s blogging but she also throws in hilariously appropriate movie references….almost as if she’s writing specifically for me. I love a good movie reference. She did a spectacular Bonn Dress in this black and gold crepe! Perfection.

Teresa from Dandelion Drift did a Bonn Shirt and and I LOVE how she styled it with her heels and jeans! The green and white window pane fabric is so festive but I feel like this shirt could take you right into spring!

Sara from The Sara Project made a Sirena Dress out of faux suede shirting. Yes, you read right, faux suede shirting. This dress fits her beautifully and, yet again, her style is runway ready. I just love how she styles everything and can we agree that her hair is her best accessory? Gorgeous! Plus, I’d like add that she is just the sweetest!

Becca from Sunflower Seams is the one that got me into sewing. So I have her to thank for the complete re-distribution of my children’s college funds towards my fabric stash. She’s a true friend and the kind that I can ask really stupid sewing questions and I won’t get judged! She made an amazing shimmery and sparkly Arenal Top! I love how she color blocked it, it’s so festive but still a super comfortable knit top! Way to go, Friend!

Emi from Just Add Fabric never disappoints. Ever. She’s the best and made the best little black dress! This is the Marabella and she is personified elegance in it. I love the boatneck design of this dress. She also made the Salamanca Jacket out of a metallic stretch crepe. She talks about all the details on her blog….get ready to laugh.

Abbey from Sew Charleston looks good in everything. I KNOW that I couldn’t pull off leopard pants….but she DEFINITELY does! Her outfits that she created are the epitome of festive. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram or blog you definitely should… she posts pictures of her super cute dog!

And last but MOST CERTAINLY not least is Michelle from Style Maker Fabrics, our tour sponsor! This gal is a fabric-curating mastermind! I think it’s safe to say that all of us bloggers had a very difficult time deciding which fabrics to use because they were all SO GOOD! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle….I actually even talked to her on the phone….yes, like olden times. Very archaic, I know. I also very much appreciated her hustle in getting me more fabric after I botched the cutting of my Bonn shirt. For her holiday festivities, she made a fantastic Salamanca Jacket. I love the fabric/pattern pairing! It’s holiday perfection!

Hi, Fleurine here from Sew Mariefleur! You may have wondered if the ever sweet and polite Leslie is going to mention her own outfit. Of course she didn’t! So I will. Leslie made an effortless, yet elegant Irena Top of beautiful dark blue sweater knit and the awesome Bonn Shirt that has been the promotion pic for our blog tour. Her pattern matching couldn’t possibly be any better. And you have to read her hilarious blog post about her dragging the Christmas tree out to the patio? I laughed so hard! You can check out her blog post here!

I sent this blog post to Fleurine for edits and she added the bit above. Thanks, Friend! I know some of these ladies more than others but I’m inspired by all of them everyday. They’re great people and great seamstresses. It was such a pleasure working with them on this tour. I hope that you were inspired by them as much as I was! Be sure to check out all of their posts, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Holiday Sewing!




  1. What a wonderful round up! This is by far my favorite blog tour to date. Thank you for inviting me to participate! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one siphoning my children’s college funds towards my sewing stash. Ha!


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