The Itch to Stitch Holiday Blog Tour

I was rewarded a special treat this holiday season by getting to participate (and help organize with Fleurine from Sew Mariefleur) the Holiday Blog Tour hosted by one of my favorite designers: Itch to Stitch. I started testing for Kennis this summer and I think that her patterns are tops! The icing on the Christmas cookies was that Style Maker Fabrics agreed to sponsor the tour with fabrics! I was like a kid in a candy shop!


If you read my blog or have ever been to my Instagram page, you know that I spend A LOT of time in front of this wall. It’s actually become somewhat of a joke in my circle of sewing friends….but you know what is also a joke? My husbands photographing skills. So, it’s me, Monsieur Tri-Pod, and my wall……and a Christmas tree to be more festive! You should’ve seen my kids’ stunned faces as I was hauling that tree through the house and onto the patio. Moving on.

I sewed up the Irena Knit Top and the much-loved Bonn Shirt! First up, the Irena: This is a long-sleeved sweater with arm bands and a waistband (no hemming!) with two large panels that cross in front. Like all of Kennis’s patterns, this sweater came together very easily and quickly! The drafting was excellent and her instructions were so, so good as usual. (If you have any of her patterns then you know what I’m talking about. They’re good, right?) I added 2″ to it an graded out to the next size at the hips and it falls perfectly over my pants! I wanted it to have a little bit of an “oversized” look. This sweater is so comfortable.

I used an amazing sweater knit from Style Maker Fabrics. It’s hard to photograph, but there are little specs of silver poking through. I actually won’t tease you with the details of this lucious knit because she is sold out of it. But here’s a link for other sweater knits and shimmer in her shop!

I paired my sweater with some black pants and ankle boots! If you’re one of those people that thinks mixing navy and black is a sin then avert your eyes for the next picture. I love the color combination though!

I also made a Bonn Shirt
 because I love the Bonn Shirt. I blogged about it here when I tested the pattern in August. This is such a great pattern because you get the look of a tailored shirt without having to go through all the work of making said tailored shirt. It’s genius. Plus, I love the neckline. Oh, that neckline! It’s looked flattering on everyone that I’ve seen wearing this shirt! I made a Size 6 and graded out to a Size 8 at the hips because, you guessed it, I added some length to it. This shirt can also become a dress and has four different sleeves to chose from! The pattern is packed with options! I did the long sleeved version because I like to roll them up.
This flannel from Style Maker Fabrics was perfect for this pattern! It’s so soft and I just LOVE the plaid on it with it’s bold, festive colors. I used these amazing chevron wood buttons on it that I got from Arrow Mountain! They travelled all the way from Australia. I think that they’re the perfect, rustic accent to this shirt.
I’m pretty pleased with how my pattern matching worked out. I worked meticulously to get it right, though……and I may or may not have had Michelle from Style Makers send me a bit more because I really messed up one of the front panels.
I prevailed on my second try though and the pattern matching worked out beautifully! I just love this shirt and would highly recommend this pattern! Oh, and I would also highly recommend the Irena as well! It’s such a classy design but such a simple sew! Win, win!
THE GOODS: Use the code “holiday16” to get 16% off of all Itch to Stitch pattern. The code lasts until December 11th Midnight CST.
Style Makers is also offering only $5 shipping for orders!!

I was absolutely floored and honored to be alongside the other bloggers on this tour. I think they all have such unique and impeccable styles! Check them out!!



  1. Leslie, you made my day! You put a smile upon my face after a rough day. And…I admire your outfits. Your style is cool and elegant! How do you do that? You have to teach me once!
    I’m really sorry, but I have to steal your words about the Bonn Shirt. They are just too good!
    Did I say that I love your outfits? I love them both!


  2. I love both of your tops! The flannel looks so snuggly (and is perfectly pattern matched!) and that sweater is awesome! I love the deep v-neck!


  3. I love both of the tops you made! I would live in that sweater during our cruel Midwest winter. It looks so snuggly! Your Bonn shirt looks great in the flannel. I’ve been eyeing some of those wood buttons from Arrow Mountain and I think you just convinced me to order them right now…


  4. I think grading out your sweater to the next size was perfect, especially to get that oversized look. I happen to be one of the people who thinks mixing blue and black is totally appropriate. I’m actually wearing that exact sweater fabric right this minute with black leggings. 😂 So maybe I’m a bit biased.I also love your Bonn shirt, it turned out perfectly! Good thing you were able to order more fabric to get those panels to match up! I just adore both of the outfits you created!


  5. These are fabulous! Don’t worry about your wall! It is amazing. I wish I had a solid wall somewhere to use!

    On the point of navy and black. Did you know when military people wear their dress blues its paired with black shoes? Once I discovered that I decided, if the armed forces, who look so sharp, can do navy and black then so can the rest of us. 🙂


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