Petit a Petit Block Party – The After Party

A couple of weeks ago Emi from Just Add Fabric contacted me about sewing up a couple things for the Petit a Petit Block Party. If you know Emi then you know it’s impossible to say “no” to her. She’s the absolute best there is: seamstress-wise and human being-wise. So, for the reasons just mentioned, I said “YES!” Plus, this was a chance to sew some of the patterns from the iconic Petit a Petit where inspiration runs rampant and the style is in its own class. I knew I was way out of my league. Nevertheless, I jumped on board, the “After Party” is where I always shine anyway. pap-sewingblockparty

My daughter has so many clothes and so I decided to make an outfit for my son this time. I chose the uber-chic Morocco Pants and the Goodall Cardigan. Mini Mister isn’t even two yet and didn’t fit into the 2T for the Morocco Pants. I emailed Celina about how to downsize these and she provided me with some great feedback! I cut off about 1/2″ on the waistband and increased the seam allowance slightly. So, these are Mini Moroccos. I initially took in too much around the crotch and then it dawned on me that I still need to size for a diaper in there! Ha! The crotch seam allowance ended up being the 3/8″ originally specified.

This pattern is pretty awesome. There are so many options with it and you can get as complex as you want. I felt like I was totally cheating by doing an elastic waistband, leaving off the belt loops, skipping the zipper fly or snap closure, and omitting the welt pocket flap! This pattern is packed with professional grade details. I DID, however, do the tuxedo style pant and a double welt pocket. Does that count for anything? I used a stretchy, textured denim that I got at Joann’s and it worked well! The accent is a Riley Blake design that I picked up at my local store Stitchology.

I did double welt pockets on the back. (Tip: Don’t learn double welt pockets the day before a project is supposed to be completed.) The fact that I procrastinate but always want to learn new skills isn’t the best strategy. That all said, I LOVE double welt pockets now. They are such a nice touch. I know my son won’t EVER use them or appreciate them, but I love them! I think my favorite feature on these pants, though)  is the angled side pockets, they’re so stylish.

The pattern was very well drafted and I thought that the instructions were clear. I’m definitely going to make these pants again. I learned a lot on my first pair and definitely plan to add more details to my next pair!

For the Goodall I used two knits from Robert Kaufman. I wanted to use this green color to be festive. I just took in the seam allowances from 3/8″ to 1/2″ for this one. It’s still a little baggy but the kid is only going to grow and it’s intended to be a slouchy cardigan. This is a super quick and easy sew and it turned out really well! I will be making many more of these! He really enjoys wearing it! You can get this pattern for FREE if you join the Petit a Petit Facebook Group.

If you’re wondering why I photographed this in the flat lay position it’s because he had a *melt down* when he put it on. Inexplicable and that outburst has nothing to do with the pattern itself! 

During the Block Party, you can get these patterns on sale using the code BLOCKPARTY. But hurry, it ends December 7th!

I was honored that I got to be part of this tour! All of the bloggers that participated are a huge inspiration to me! Thanks to Emi for thinking of me!



  1. Oh Les!!!! You totally ROCK!! And your son rocks his Moroccos — he is the cutest!! Hurray for you for going for the double welt pocket. That is how I learned how to do them, too, haha. I love how you used the fabrics on the pants. The Goodall looks so cute, too. My daughter loves hers so much she pretty much wears it every day. On top of her other Goodall, haha! Kids. I’ll never understand 😉 And thank you for your super sweet words. You are the best. THE BEST.


  2. Oh my goodness! He’s so cute! We can just marry him off to one of my girls when he’s older. Two years older doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme, right?

    Total bummer on the meltdown. When that happens to me with the twins I just take it off and put it on the other one. 😛 #twinperk

    Love your creations. Well done.


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