The Toasters by Sew House Seven

My internal dialogue blurted out “Oh, I’m going to make a ton of those” when I first saw the new sweater pattern from Sew House Seven. Then the Indie Sew Fall/Winter collection was launched in all its splendor and the project moved to the top of my sewing list. Then I saw how quickly the project came together and now I can’t look at a sweater knit without envisioning a Toaster.

I’ve made three so far and I love them all! A lot. The fit through the shoulders and bust is spot on and it’s just fitted enough to be very flattering but very comfortable as a sweater should be. I really enjoyed the pattern and tutorial as well.  I thought that it was really well-drafted and the construction was simple but thorough. Peggy’s instructions were clear and I was done before I knew it!

When I purchased the pattern, Peggy gave me fair warning that the style is fairly cropped. I usually add 1-2″ to all of my garments as I have a very long torso, but I ended up adding 2.5″ to my muslin. I’m glad that I did because otherwise I would’ve been pioneering a fashion trend that could be dubbed “Midriff-Baring Toaster Sweater”. With the 2.5″ added, I think my muslin came out as it was supposed to look. Cute and cropped. I used a thin and drapey denim French Terry from LA Finch Fabrics. (I love LA Finch Fabrics.) I was unsure how this thinner fabric would look with the neck but it came out really cute and it’s super comfortable.

My next one I made with this wool/lyrca knit that I’ve been rubbing my face in since I got it. I knew that it would make the perfect sweater…..and I was right. I LOVE my olive green tunic-y Toaster. I added a whooping 6″ to this one to achieve a longer sweater that I could wear leggings with. The neckline is a little more pronounced than my muslin but I love it!

The mitered corners are my favorite!

For my last version, I did Version #1. Wait, what am I talking about? My “last version”? I’ll be making these ’til Kingdom come. For my THIRD version, I did the number one.

I used a boucle knit that I found at Joann’s. I love this fabric and I might go back and get some more to make a Version 2. I was able to do the whole thing on my serger and I love me a good serger project. That is, when my serger is behaving herself. She usually tends to be prickly when I have a deadline.

I added 4″ to this one and it came out just as I wanted! The fit is perfect and I love the length for this style. Another modification that I made was that I reduced the height of the neck by 1 cm. I wasn’t planning on this but the edges of my neck piece were fairly ravaged after I angrily picked it off after realizing that it was on backwards. Peggy gave fair warning in the tutorial to pay close attention to the pattern pieces. This sort of thing can happen as the pieces of a raglan shirt are all fairly similar. Luckily, I hadn’t serged on the neck….it’s like I knew I was going to mess up. ANYWAY, it’s all okay now and sewn on properly…..minus 1 cm on the height.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I love this pattern and would highly recommend it. Great style, simple construction, and clear instructions. Check, check, and check. Just pay attention to which side is the front and sew your collar on right!





  1. Those are some lovely sweaters!
    That olive green is a stunning color and the boucle knit has amazing structure!
    I’m working on these myself and I’m sure they’ll be a fall staple


  2. Thanks for this great review! I’d seen a few reviews of Version 2 but really want to try out Version 1 with a gold ribbed knit I have so it’s great to see your version. Thanks for the tip about checking sides/directions, always handy to have these tips before you start sewing! I love all your versions and hope I have as much success with this pattern.


  3. Help needed! I’m intending to lengthen my set in sleeve version by 13 cm as per your version 2. have spread my pattern apart and inserted tissue only to realise that i’ve now got a side seam issue as the bottom half of the front and back gets increasingly wider. How did you work this through please?

    Regards, Maggie (Barton)


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