The Cascade Maxi by Chalk and Notch 

Gabriela from Chalk and Notch has created another flawless, picture-perfect pattern. Her new vision of a girl’s dress has been beautifully translated in the Cascade Maxi. She has aptly named this pattern because as my daughter walks, jumps, skips, or runs around the house the billows of her dress cascade behind her. The line of the dress makes such a gorgeous silhouette and yet this dress turned out to be very “play-friendly”. My daughter is extremely active and so I’m so glad that this dress can remain part of her weekly wardrobe and not just for special occasions.

This pattern, like all of Gabriela’s, is expertly drafted and her tutorial is very clear and concise. I thought that her instructions were very easy to follow and gave me a very professional result. What I also found to be very helpful in her instructions is the direction on how to lengthen and shorten the dress and tailor it for our girls. As we all know, they come in all shapes and sizes and so I thought that this section was very helpful to ascertain that it’s a perfect fit.

The hemline has a hi-low profile and so the front is about 5″ off the floor and the back “train”, as it could be described, barely brushes the floor. I absolutely love the volume of this dress and because it is cut on the bias it drapes beautifully.

This dress is a simple sew. There are no buttons, zippers, or loops. The design is beautifully simplistic and that’s what I like about it. This is the perfect pattern for some of your favorite fabric because the drape from the bias and the large pieces of the dress really showcase the fabric.

The front bodice of the dress has a small pleat which is such a beautiful, yet simple, detail. I sewed up View B which has a contrasting hemline piece. I was using this breathtaking Nani IRO fabric and when I went to go find a contrasting fabric I was uninspired so I just used the same fabric for this hemline piece. I absolutely love how it turned out though.

I absolutely love this dress, as does my daughter. The pattern is available now for the sale price of $7.50 until Sunday the 25th. You can get the pattern here.

As promised, there’s a GIVEAWAY being offered!! To enter a chance to win a free Cascade Maxi pattern, please comment below! I will choose a winner at random on Saturday and announce it here!! Good luck!

During testing there were some fabulous hacks including a tunic length, adding a ruffle, and using stable knits. All of my fellow testers blew me away with their creativity! I think that the tunic is my next one! Please check out their blogs! Word on the street is that they’re offering giveaways, too!

Nelleke at Gaaf Machine

Emi at Just Add Fabric

Brooke at Idle Sunshine

Anita from My Own Aria

Natasha at Ellie’s Handmade

Mieke at Mie Made Memories

Thao at Little Cumquat

Indu at Kaleidothought

Emily at Enjoyful Makes




  1. My comment is will be in the form of a poem. That doesn’t rhyme.
    In the early morn, through blury mamma eyes 👀not yet awakened by her daily jolt of liquid life☕️…
    She connects 🗣with her people on the Instagram machine 🎛 while she lays in bed and wonders when she’ll get to ever poop 💩 without a little person at her feet🚽…
    Then, like a beacon of light🌟 to a lost sailor at see ⛴, she sees YOUR version of the @chalkandknotch #casacdemaxi and it feels her with warm sunshine☀️ and inspires her to sew her own✂️👗 version…
    Then the baby👶🏼 demands to be picked up and she adds ➕this moment to her “To Do (probably at 2am when this crazy baby is sleeping😴) List”
    The End.

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  2. love the lovely print you picked !
    I find this dress just perfect for our hot summers in Portugal. My 5yo daughter would love one (or more) of these dresses.


  3. This is a beautiful dress, it is fun to see how happy your daughter is to model it as well as run and play in it. She must feel like a princess in this beautiful and comfortable garment.


  4. I’ve noticed this pattern each time I’ve seen it mentioned over the last few weeks – that is saying something because I don’t buy every pattern that comes around. This one looks like a sure summer winner though, and it’s beautiful in that Nani Iro!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are so right, this pattern is all about the fabric and your choice was perfection! Thank you so much for joining me Leslie…can’t wait to work together again! XO


  6. I love this dress so much! Lovely pattern, stunning choice of fabric, sweet little girl and amazing photos! Too good. I want this dress too, for my little girl and for myself!


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