Black Mamba Halifax

If you were to tell anyone that knows me reasonably well that I’d be sewing clothes and styling outfits you would’ve received quizzical stares. I have never been a fashionista, not even close. I grew up wearing soccer shorts and t-shirts and then progressed to t-shirts and jeans in high school….and college. I bought a pair of J. Crew clogs in college, thinking I was pretty cool, and then got stuck in a snow storm with them on campus and well, it didn’t end well. To paint the picture for you, I completely wiped out in front of a campus tour of prospective students and tuition-paying parents. Their reactive expressions could be described as sympathetic, but also as holding-back-laughter and are-we-sure-we-want-our-kid-around-this-type? So, I just went back to basics.  I have never been on the cutting edge of anything fashionable. I’ve always been totally okay with that, though, I’ve always liked what I’ve worn.

That’s why I love sewing so much! I can make exactly what I want like this Halifax sweatshirt but can work on being edgy, by adding faux snakeskin shoulder patches. This is not to say that the Halifax isn’t fashionable, because it is! This also allows me to name my garments what I want (because that’s necessary) and I’ve dubbed this one the Black Mamba Halifax.

I love how this one turned out! I’ve become obsessed with color-blocking and this garment was no exception. The black is made out of a suuuuper buttery, drapey Modal French Terry cotton spandex blend. It was a dream to work with and so comfortable to wear. The faux snakeskin is such a fun accent for shoulder patches. I also think it would make great side panels. Both the black and the snakeskin came from LA Finch Fabrics.

Awkward close-up #1.

This project was such a quick sew. I love all of Adrianna’s patterns and this one is no exception. I had a little panic attack about my neck band and I emailed her in said panic and she quickly talked me off the ledge by gently reminding me to steam it. Duh. I hadn’t worked with knits for awhile. I would recommend barely (if at all) stretching the neckband around the faux snakeskin as it has very little stretch. Even in doing this, I didn’t have to change the length of the neckband piece. That’s the magic of her patterns, everything just works out. 

Anyway, I love my Halifax sweatshirt from Hey June and I’ve been wearing it constantly (another old habit) ever since I finished the top stitching on the neckline that I’ll probably re-do. Once I take it off, of course.

While this post contains affiliate links and I may have received this fabric at no cost from Finch Fabrics, the opinions stated above are solely my own.




    1. Hahahaha! I was totally squatting! I get lazy during my blog shoots because I have very little time in between when my kids need something! I did get self-conscious though and edited one of the photos! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi. Well done! I, too, haven’t sewn with stretch knits in awhile and I have a very large piece of scuba waiting for me.

    That aside, what anout your pants? Tell all. They fit you so well. You look very confortable and stylish.



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