Voile….not an immediate Voila.

I went right from knits to voile and it was like finishing a Harry Potter book and jumping right into Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Both styles are genius, but jarringly different. Hang on, let me adjust my taped glasses and gleefully giggle that I was able to insert a literary reference. Nerd. Alert.

I chose a vintage-inspired full length jump suit. It had pleats, hairpin curves, buttons, and a skill level that was above mine. I picked a voile for its drape and the fabric pattern was festooned with bold-colored flowers. I had the perfect pattern with the perfect fabric. I started the project and realized that it was one of those projects. It was a delicate fabric with gorgeous flowers, but in actuality, it was a rabid Venus flytrap foaming at the mouth in the corner of my sewing table. Every time I tried to make progress on it, it snapped at me…..and then I would snap and frustratingly throw it back to its dark corner of my workstation. The project was rife with my own stupid mistakes and inexperience. I put that fabric (and seam ripper) to the test with how many times I redid the collar. In fact, I made the bodice twice. I won’t even go into the mistakes I made because I would get laughed out of the this sewing circle that I’m trying to find a spot in.

The collar was the hardest part, by far! I could NOT get the collar to go around the neckline without embedding tucks. I tried my walking foot and tissue paper and everything else that the Google machine told me to try…..and I was I still flailing (and failing). What is wrong with me? Enough of this, I said, enough. I decided to go Pin Ninja on this sucker and pinned every square millimeter so it wasn’t budging.


After Pin Ninja-ing the collar and moving around the neckline at a glacial pace, I had success! No nips, no tucks, it was perfect! I knew I was over the hump and could see the neon SUCCESS sign flashing at the end of the tunnel. Oh wait, I still had to fit it to my 3-year-old. Another speed bump, but nothing that I couldn’t get done with the promise of a Popsicle. She still didn’t make it easy on me.

After a handful of tweaks, I was done! I am so, so happy with how it turned out. It looks adorable on her and the fit it spot on. I learned a ton on this project including, but not limited to: handling voile fabric, pleats, my patience threshold, and how good it feels to say Voila! 

For a mechanical engineer, I’m atypically Type B. It’s been interesting to me how these sewing endeavors have evoked a perfection-seeking Type A trait. I think I kind of like it.

One more lesson I learned, though, is to not ask a toddler to try something on too many times. Lyla got annoyed with the project and tells me that she wants to throw it in the trash. I’m going to exhibit restraint and not throw her in the trash. Toddlers. Shesh.

Anyway, to quote Christmas Vacation: “She’s a beaut, Clark! A beaut!”


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