Knits and Blind Rage

I successfully completely another knit project….and now my seam ripper officially has the dullness of a volleyball (great sport.) Goodbye little one, you were tried and true…..and now it’s time to upgrade to Tula Pink’s surgical seam ripper. Surgical. I like the sound of that, makes me feel like I’ll be more successful and, there’s that word again, surgical in my sewing endeavors.

I completed the LOL Swing Top designed by Jeannine Designs. The pattern was awesome, but somehow I still found a way to run my ripper into the grave. And, admittedly, I wasn’t paying attention and did this:


Backwards!! Blind rage. And zigzag stitches to boot! Twice the work. Perseverance prevailed, though, and I calmly and collectedly removed each and every stitch and began again. And, then again, and then again until it was right. Don’t feel like you need to point out that the neck collar seam is off by about 1.5″ in the back. I’m well aware but could see that I was loosing tensile strength in the blissfully soft (and already cut) bodice and I decided that asymmetry to the neckline added character…..and we’re going to leave it at that.

Anyway, I’m chalking it up to a win peppered with some lessons learned. The biggest lesson is that there is a very, very specific amount of stretch that works for knit collars. Good luck finding it the first time.  That all aside, Lyla loves it and she’s going to look like a little mountain pixie hopping around in it during our hikes this spring. 



This pattern is a good one and I’ll be making many more symmetrical tanks in the future!



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