ThreadBear Goals

I’ve been thinking about this endeavor for about a week now and my head is spinning with ideas….which is all fun and games until it’s 3:34 am and all I can think of is how I want the bodice of the “The Girl Scout” to come together and where I can find vintage girl scout patches. Etsy. Check. Now go back to sleep, you have two kids that are NOT going to be tired tomorrow and they’re not going to care that you’ve been up all night thinking about your new-found passion. Their attitude is more like: Good for you, Mom, now I need 81 things in the next 30 seconds.

Since I have two kids who keep me busy, my first goal is to pace myself and realize that this new little micro-brand that I’m trying to start will take a little while. But in the meantime, I’m thinking that I want to design the clothes to remind kids of what they’re supposed to be doing: playing, pretending, scrapping their knees, getting up, enjoying the outdoors, and breathing fresh air.

Another subset goal of this line is also to empower our girls to do things not expected of them by society. This is a little tangential to the STEM movement that encourages girls to go into science and mathematical-based fields. OF COURSE, I want more girls in these fields (I’m a mechanical engineer), but I want to open up those doors a little more and encourage them to do whatever they want to do…..just do it all the way. All. The. Way. We need to teach them to discover themselves and ignite their passions with ferocity, tenacity, and bravery. Light the fire inside and, as my daughter says when she starts a footrace, “LIGHT IT UP!”

Little girls don’t have to aspire to be an astrophysicist to feel like they’ll be successful. They’ll be successful if they’re happy with what they’re doing and doing it well. If she wants to run an organic farm instead of going to medical school at Wash U, then that’s what she should do. The line of clothes that I’m going to start developing is going to be inspired by the instillment of passion and self-discovery in our girls.

The first clothing line: Campfire featuring The Camper, The Hiker, and The Girlscout.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on my Instagram account for updates!



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