The Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection Tour

There's been something in the crisp mid-western air this fall season that has put me in the utmost of festive moods. I'm already looking up holiday cocktail recipes and deciding where I want to put my white poinsettias for Christmas. It's not even Halloween, so, you can see that it's hit me hard this year. … Continue reading The Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection Tour


The Liana Stretch Jeans and another Willamette

When Allie at Indie Sew posted this light blue stretch denim that was overstock fabric from a designer-who-shall-not-be-named-but-let's-just-say-I've-always-wanted-a-pair-of-their-jeans, I jumped on it right away! A lot of other people jumped on it, too, because it's sold out now. She has a 10oz and 12oz denim right now, though, that would be perfect for that Hampton … Continue reading The Liana Stretch Jeans and another Willamette